A Penchant for Platters

I love dishes! No, I mean I REALLY love dishes – all kinds: fancy, plain, one-of-a-kind ceramic, mass produced china, contemporary, traditional, dime-store bowls, everyday & special occasion, Depression glass, silver, gilt, and seasonal styles too. I love ‘em all!! Sometimes I’ll use the “good china” for hamburgers and the everyday stuff for company. If you have it, use it I say.I have even given over our front “coat closet” to my dish addiction. We now keep our coats on a giant industrial metal “Gorilla Rack” turned coat closet in our garage. (I did at least put a curtain on the front, so it’s not quite as bad as it sounds.) Thank you sweet family! When we have guests their poor little jackets just get tossed over a chair.

Aside from the obvious use, to eat off of, my favorite way to incorporate my obsession into everyday life is to decorate with dishes. I think I have some form of dish or platter adorning just about every room of my home. I think they are all so beautiful! Some dishes have wonderfully painted art and beautifully intricate details that can’t be appreciated, really, if they are just stuffed away in a china cabinet waiting for their turn to come out. When you have them out, if you’re like me, you appreciate them not only for their utilitarian qualities but for what they offer visually. Dishes are a great, inexpensive, way to fill up wall space too. I have dishes that are heirlooms and some that are just plain hand-me-downs. I’ve found some great pieces at discount home stores, thrift shops, and even yard sales.

Here are a few pictures of my dish covered home:

Red Spode transfer-ware decorating my Front Hall (All of these plates were from places like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s).
A collection of sugar bowls and creamers on my Dining Room wall.
My grandmother’s brides-maid luncheon plates used as a backsplash in my Kitchen (The one on the far right got shattered at one point by a rogue basketball.  Mom always said ”Don’t play ball in the house”; nothing a little epoxy couldn’t take care of.)
Steve’s grandmother’s hand painted plate over a doorway in our Kitchen
A collection of white plates I bought out of a catalog way back in the nineties

A collection of demi-tasse cups & saucers I’ve gathered over the years as souvenirs from travels here and there

Black tole painted trays on the Master Bedroom walls (It took several years to accumulate the collection.  I spent as little as $1 on one of them, and I think the most expensive one was around $80.)
More red transfer-ware plates in the Master Bath

 So as you can see I really do LOVE dishes.  I hope the next time you need to fill up some wall space in your home you’ll try looking in your own cabinets first.  

Have you used dishes in an unexpected way in your home?