A Visit to Charleston, SC


Charleston is located near the middle of South Carolina’s coast at the point “where the Ashley and Cooper Rivers meet to form the Atlantic Ocean.” It is the state’s second largest city and the county seat of Charleston County. Charleston was originally called Charles Town (in honor of King Charles II of England), and its nickname is “The Holy City.” – from http://www.sciway.net/city/charleston.html  


I am quite partial to this beautiful little city by the sea.  Charleston holds a special place in my heart for two reasons: it is the first place my sweetie and I lived when we got married, and it is the town where I graduated from college.  Charleston offers small town charm and big city amenities.  Because it is an international resort destination as well as a college town the cultural offerings there are abundant.  I love being surrounded by the living history and beautiful scenery.  The climate there is right up my alley, as well as the architecture and beautiful gardens too.  What could be better than sea breezes and 5 star cuisine?  Sounds perfect to me.  


Recently, with baby girl, we have been on the great college shopping tour of the southeast part deux.  It’s been both exciting and anxiety producing.  I can’t believe I’m about to be the mother of not one, but two college students.  Time really does fly by!  


Well, having gone to school there myself – coupled with Charleston being our favorite summer vacation destination; the city was a must see on our list of places to go check out for baby girl.  We made a long weekend of it and had more fun than should be allowed.  Sweet boy even drove up from his school and joined us for a day in the ‘holy city’.  


The weather was perfect, summer crowds had not yet arrived, and to top it off The Blue Angels were in town.  I love, love, love that sound of freedom!  Perhaps it’s only a sound a military pilot’s wife can love.  That thunderous roar, speed, & precision; it’s AWESOME.  

Hey, hey, hey...Fat Albert

Woo Hoo!!!

Perfect Formation



Can you hear the roar?



We ate some really memorable meals.  I’m a definite foodie.  Luckily the rest of my brood enjoys ‘good grub’ too.  We’re all about looking for our next dining opportunity.  One of the very best experiences we had on this trip was an incredible picnic we picked up from a little gourmet deli.  

Unbelievably wonderful little gourmet shop


Perfect picnic






There are some things every first time visitor should see when they go the Charleston:  the Battery, Rainbow Row, Ft. Sumter, the beach, the City Market, and King Street (the Rodeo Drive of the south).  Go on a carriage tour – cheesy but fun, historical home tours are also a great way to immerse yourself in the surroundings too.  

Hotels in the downtown area can be pricey, as is garage parking.  Bed and Breakfasts are a great option for romantic get-aways; there are some really beautiful ones in the city.  There are many online lodging deals to be found or if you don’t mind a little driving, hotels just outside the heart of the peninsula are drastically less expensive.  

This was the courtyard of our hotel

When we got to town, even about 15 miles away, I got that feeling…you know the one – you get excited, giddy even.  You can smell the salt air, the sun looks brighter, and the sky more blue.  Your blood pressure goes down, and you get that relaxed feeling all over.  You know that you are almost there – your ‘happy place’.  Do you have a place like that, a place where you know you’re supposed to be when you’re there?  I sure hope so.  We all have to have ‘real life’; but we should all have a happy place too.  Mine is definitely Charleston!  

Below are some more pictures of our trip to the beautiful little city by the sea.  Enjoy!  

A scenic view down Shem Creek

Looking up into the center of the Cooper River Bridge span

The pineapple is the symbol for hospitality

This beauty was growing out of a crack in the sidewalk

Beautiful iron work

Enormous doors

You can really tell the scale of these doors...my son is 6 ft. tall.







My beautiful babies



This shoe is made of chocolate. Really!!!



If you’re a Charleston lover like me, I’d really like to hear about your can’t miss things to do there.  I’m always game for another visit.