The Chick Nest


You know how there is the “Man-Cave” concept, a place where the guy gets to be himself: electronics galore, readily available snacks & beverages, the coffee table that doesn’t need coasters & where shoes are welcome to reside, and decorated with all of the collected man souvenirs that said “guy” has collected over the years. I think every guy should have a place: surround sound speakers, ginormous tv, and the 9 remotes it takes to operate all of it. 

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Most of us girls have or would like to have a place we treasure, a place we go to retreat and rejuvenate. For some it may be a craft room, a deluxe bath, or a reading nook. If you are exceptionally blessed you may have all three. I hope you do. 

Anyway…my friend Barbara has created for herself an awesome space. She calls it her craft room, but it is so much more than that. I truly have room envy over this one. It is indeed a craft room. In addition, it’s a great reading room, napping room, & watching girl movies room without being harassed by the ‘dudes’ in your life room.  It is a “Chick Nest”.  I love, love, love it! 

She started out with a media room. It was a spare bonus room where she had a tv with video games, and a big sectional, etc. When the room was the media room it was painted khaki and she had dark wood tones and reds for accent. So for the “Chick Nest” Barbara started with an olive green micro-fiber sectional that she wanted to re-use in her craft space.  She also wanted to ‘girlie’ it up a bit, since it was going to be her room. She found some fabulous floral fabric that had pinks, yellows, and greens in it – and coordinated everything else from there. I think she did an OUTSTANDING job. 

Enjoy a peek; I know you’ll love it as much as I do. 


Barbara painted the walls in here a sunny yellow color. I’m usually not a big fan of yellow but this couldn’t be more perfect. It’s so bright and happy. 

She took these pictures herself and had them blown up at  Better yet, these pictures are from her very own garden.  The frames are a re-use of some old ones she had. She just spray painted them black. 


Look at these beautiful black and white photos of her kids. The shelf came from Ikea. 


Here is the olive green sofa, but look how Barbara brightened it with all of the fabulous pillows. Notice the floor lamps. She recovered the shades herself. They are adorable! Even the valances are just perfect. The ottoman was something she already had. It had been well loved by her puppies, so she had it recovered in her new color scheme.

 A space for watching her favorite chick flicks.  Some of my favorite movies are “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Under the Tuscan Sun”, “Steel Magnolias”, “An Affair to Remember”, Shirley Temple flicks and too many old black and white movies to list. How ‘bout you? 


Look at these great boards, aren’t they fabulous.  One is a tack board and the other one is a dry erase board.   The terrific storage shelves are from Ikea. 


This beautiful and functional farm style table was formerly her kitchen table,… that was formerly her father in law’s workbench in his garage. Isn’t it great?!! More super shelving from Ikea. Look at this set of shelves, it is actually the exact same unit as the one pictured above but she added drawers to this one to enable more storage for little bitties. The adorable task lighting is from Ikea too. Her husband wired it up for her so there is a hidden switch under the apron of the table that turns on/ off all three of the little lamps at once. Love that! 


Now that you’ve seen it, do you have “Chick Nest” envy as much as I do? I think she did an unbelievable amazing job. All of us girls should have a space to call our own, that we don’t even have to share if we don’t want to. Your space could be something as small as a special chair or even a ‘craft closet’. (We once lived in a teeny tiny house and a wee closet was all I had room for, but I claimed it and loved it for my very own.) 

I wish for you all a place to treasure for your very own, a place to create, relax, and rejuvenate; your very own “Chick Nest”.