Zack’s Table & Chairs

When y’all met Francine a few weeks ago, I told you she came about because I refinished a table and chairs for my sweet boy.  I did the table and chairs for my sweet boy because I’d refinished a table and chair set for baby girl over the summer.



Zack had a table (of sorts), but it was made out of throw away scraps.  Really.  It was a little sad.  Okay, it was a lot sad.  But I suppose college boys don’t generally care much about things like matched sets, pretty furniture, and design plans.  Believe me I tried.  Oh how I tried.  I tried for the past few years.  It just wasn’t meant to be.  Until now.  :)   Well, when baby girl got her first apartment this year and sweet boy got a look at it I think he decided that maybe Mom’s decor plan wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

He mentioned it in this way… “if you happen to find a table and chairs set on Craigslist and you wouldn’t mind re-doing it for me…that would be cool”.  Needless to say I jumped on the opportunity to spruce up his place.

I found a great deal on a really solid set.  The table had such pretty lines.

The chairs were sturdy too and not the least bit wobbly like some can be.


Buuuttt,  when I tell you it was NASTY; I mean it was gross!  Not only was the furniture filthy, the finish on all of the pieces was actually sticky.  Yuck!  The pickins are pretty slim around here for Craigslist, so there really weren’t any other options.

Unlike the other furniture pieces I’ve re-done, I knew with this project there would be stripping involved.  :(   I hate stripping furniture.

The top came clean pretty easily, as far as stripping goes.  Just two applications and scrapings of Citristrip.


Then came the legs.  OH.  MY.  GOSH.  They were awful!  Awful really doesn’t even begin to describe the process.  There were curses hurled about to the universe.  Many curses.  After about 5 applications and scrapings I was d.o.n.e.  I was in tears, and my hands had turned into little cramped up claws.  I’m not usually one to throw in the towel.  Really I’m not.  But it was three LONG days of stripping and that crap just wouldn’t come off!  My sweetie came to my rescue and finished up the legs for me.  I love that man!

Here’s what the table looked like in all of it’s nekked glory.  Isn’t it pretty?  I almost hated to cover it all up.  Especially after all that work to get it to this condition.

But onward I went.

Out came my favorite power tool of all time, my paint sprayer.  On went the gray paint.

I stained the table top with my old standby, Minwax Dark Walnut.  Then I antiqued the bottom part of the table by rubbing the same stain into all of the nooks and crannies with a soft cloth.

I sealed the top with 4 applications of poly – sanding lightly between each coat.

The chairs got 4 coats of spray in a beautiful blue made from all of the partial cans of blues & light greens left over in my paint cabinet.  I ended up totally in love with the color.

So there you have it, the tale of the table & chairs from heck!  I sure am pleased with the end result though.  They look great in Zack’s kitchen too!

For purposes of prettifying this scene I have cropped out assorted car parts, bicycles, and adult beverage bottles…staples in the the 22 year old male’s kitchen.

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