Christmas Decor 2013 aka. Fa La Light

Well, I made it through the hub bub of Thanksgiving.  We had a pretty large group this year.  I didn’t want to put up my holiday decorations before turkey day.  Trying to savor the moment and all.  With only 3 weeks until Christmas my sweetie and I decided that instead of “fa la la la la la la la la la”, this year we were just going to do “fa la” – light.

What a load off that decision has been.  Usually Christmas kind of explodes at my house.  This year I put up the very minimum and, strangely enough, I’m really okay with it.  I usually spend an ENTIRE week, sometimes more, putting up all of the decorations inside and out.  This year I did it all in one afternoon.  No, we don’t look entirely Grinchy!  I put up wreaths on the front doors, decorated the rockers on the porch, did ONE tree (instead of 5), brought out the baby Jesus – we can’t have Christmas without him :) , a FEW Santas, and the stockings.  That’s it!  I know.  I can hardly believe it myself.

Let me tell you it’s been liberating.  The stress level is still in the green zone.  It’s a lovely change of pace from my usual frantic Decembers.


I’ve had time to read, enjoy some holiday magazines, shop on the internets, get packages ready to mail – early, watch some of my favorite holiday movies, and look up recipes – just for fun.  I know!  I highly recommend this minimal thing.  Who knows?  It could become a trend around here.

Wishing you a relaxing Christmas season.

This advent calendar is from my childhood. I guess that is what we now call vintage. :)