The Historic Hay House

As I have lamented before there isn’t a whole lot to do here in Middle Georgia, especially on the cultural front.  However, last December I was fortunate enough to attend a luncheon at the historic Hay House in downtown Macon, GA.

You all know that I’m a sucker for architecture and history.  This beauty is the mother-load of both!

A little background on the Hay House:

One of Georgia’s most distinguished structures, the Johnston-Felton-Hay House in Macon was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1974. It was built from 1855 to 1859 in the Italian Renaissance Revival style, a marked contrast to the more restrained Greek Revival architecture of the antebellum period.

The 18,000-square-foot mansion spans four levels and is crowned by a three-story cupola. Commissioned by imaginative owners and constructed by the most skillful workers of the time, its technological amenities were unsurpassed in the mid-19th century: hot and cold running water, central heat, a speaker-tube system, in-house kitchen and an elaborate ventilation system.



The Hay House is a beautifully restored home sitting on top of a hill overlooking downtown Macon, GA.  When I visited this magnificent historical site it was all decorated for Christmas.

Get ready for a barrage of my usually bad well intentioned pictures.  I won’t do much narration on these since they pretty much speak for themselves.

Amazing crystal chandelier

Beautiful gallery in warm peach tones


Look at the detail in this ceiling medallion


Pocket doors


more moulding detail


floor tiles


Can you imagine this sideboard in your dining room?


I am a sucker for stained glass. Isn’t this one spectacular!


I am in love with this sink and the pretty hex tiles on the floor.


It was right about here in my walk about that I saw the sign that said “No photographs”.  Oops!  My bad.  I really did feel bad about it.  Honest.  I was with a large group of ladies and no one said a thing to me the whole time.  I’ve had a year to stew on it, and I guess I’m over it.  But don’t tell.  Okay?

The picture below is of the tiled front porch.  Look closely and you’ll see a clear glass circle in the very center.  That clear glass is actually a window that allows daylight into the basement of the home.  So clever!

Even the pretty embossed relief on the bricks in the sidewalk caught my eye here. :)

I sure did enjoy my visit to the Hay House.  If you’re EVER in Middle Georgia a) I hope you’ll call me & b) the Hay House is definitely worth stopping in to see.

Tickets are $11 for adults to get in and the hours are from 10-4 M – Sat and 1-4 on Sundays.  Make sure you check out their special Christmas programs and tours too.

**I have received no compensation for specific products or retailers (or in this case – museums) mentioned in this post.