Rutland Counter Stools

Okay, so you know how the big famous bloggers (my imaginary internet friends) are always talking about the amazing things that have happened to them because of blogging.  Well…other than meeting some super nice people, nothing amazing has really ever happened to me…with respect to goodies.  Until now.  OH. MY. GOSH!

When I went to the Haven Conference this past summer I got to reconnect with some of my imaginary internet friends, meet a few super sweet new folks, and talk up close and personal with the conference sponsors.  One of those sponsors just happened to be Ballard Designs.

In addition to getting to see some of their latest products I was able to talk to them about how much I love the products I have in my home from their company.  Some of my favorites are the Rutland Counter Stools, the Eldridge Pendant Light, and my latest purchase – my new Chevron Rug.

While talking with their rep I mentioned that although I LOVED my counter stools I had a little pet peeve about them.  The feet scratched my floors.  When I put felt pads on them the pads wouldn’t stick for long, no matter what kind of glue I used.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Counter Stools!  They are incredibly sturdy, unobtrusive, clean lined, and offer surprising comfort too with their low profile back support; but that floor scratching thing really bugged me.  The Ballards rep said that she would talk with their engineering and design department and get back to me.  Well, I thought…she sure was a nice lady, but I’ll NEVER hear from them again.

Surprise, surprise!  I DID.  She even tracked me down through my blog, because her emails to me somehow ended up in my SPAM folder.

She said that the stools were being re-designed and they would like to send me a new set.  WHAT the WHAT!!?  Are you kidding me?  Again I thought to myself, what a nice lady, I’m sure I’ll never hear from them again.  I’m really not the glass is half empty kind of person.  Promise.  But really, who sends you four new counter stools just because you complained about them.  Ballards does.  That’s who!

You can’t even imagine my excitement when I came home from running errands the other day to find four huge Ballards boxes on my front porch.

This is what the new feet look like on the underside.

They’ve added a little metal cup to the bottom that holds a silicone disk.  The cup helps to stabilize the disk so it doesn’t slide around and pop off.  Genius!  The best part is the stools glide like buttah across my hardwood floors.  No scrapes or scratches.

Though I’m sure they already had this design modification in the works I’d like to think it came about because of customer feedback. :)

And…Thank You, thank you, thank you for the beautiful new counter stools Ballards.  They will be well loved!


This is the first time I can say this y’all.  Very exciting!

**Although I DID receive compensation, in the form of product, Ballards did not ask me to do anything (other than enjoy my new stools).  I just wanted to share with you what an awesome company they are!  And of course to show you my pretty stools.