New Outdoor Dining Stools

I got new stools for the table on the screened porch this week.  They were such a good deal I couldn’t wait to tell y’all all about them.

The space we have on our screened porch for our dining table is long but fairly narrow.  It is 12″3′ long and only 6’6″ wide.  I was able to find a long skinny table shortly after we moved in at Ikea.  It has worked really well in this space.  Unfortunately the chairs I had to have did not.  I wanted the Jackson Metal Tub Chairs from World Market for ages and I thought they would be perfect out on the porch.  While they looked great and were super comfortable, they were just too big.

You can see, especially in that third picture, that it was a really tight squeeze with those chairs.  Getting in and out was a bugger and I was always fearful of banging into the brick wall on one side or going through the screen on the other side.  The shape of the arms prevented the chairs from scooting under the table edge.  So they really stuck out far, blocking the walkway around the table.  When people were sitting in them it was impossible to get around the table.

In comes my internet find to the rescue!  I’d been looking all over for some metal, industrial looking, stools that would slide under the table.  I could find lots of stools that were counter height or bar height.  Table height (18″) stools were quite elusive.  Never fear, clickety clickety tap tap…and the fact that as a middle aged gal I am hardly ever blessed with the luxury of sleep anymore, I found the perfect stools online through a restaurant industry supplier that sells to the public.  The public, HEY that’s me!

The company is called Nisbets.  (Click on their name to be linked to the site).   They had FREE same day shipping and the stools only cost $107 for 4!!  Four stools cost less than ONE of my metal chairs.  I KNOW!!!  That’s only $26.75/ stool, no tax, and no shipping charges.  It only took 3 days and there they were, right on my front porch.

While the chairs were really comfortable with their barrel backs and arms I know these stools will work SO much better for us out on the porch.  Plus, where I was only able to fit 6 chairs I can now fit 8 stools.  Partayyy!

See how nicely they fit under the table.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with my late night internet purchase.  How often can you say that?  I’m not getting anything from this company for telling you about these awesome stools I just wanted to share this amazing deal with you.

Don’t worry those Jackson Metal Tub Chairs aren’t going to waste.  I’ve actually put them to use inside the house in our dining room.  I really like them there.  It’s a look that has to grow on my sweetie.  :)



**I have received no compensation for specific products or retailers mentioned in this post.