It’s The Little Things

You know those marital moments when it just clicks?  You look across the table, the car, or the sofa and you think to yourself “Yep God picked the right one for me”.

My love languages are home improvement and organization.  Yes, they can be love languages.  To each their own.

My sweetie recently did two little projects that really warmed my heart.  Neither of them were major things, or expensive, or even really time consuming; but they were thoughtful.  He knew they were both things that spoke to me and would make ME happy.


Out of one purchased pressure treated board, a concrete paver block, stain, screws & nails we already had, and some leftover pressure treated board pieces – my sweetie made a hanging rack for the garden tools and a step for the side of our front porch.  :)

Up until now our garden tools have been in a jumbled up pile in our shed.  It made me nuts!  Now they hang all neat and tidy just waiting to make something happen.


On our front porch the side is a bit of a drop off, not too far, but a good 20 inches.  I keep some potted plants on the front porch and our hose, for watering said plants, is around the side of the house.  To water the front porch plants I would have to streettcchh up with the hose.  I am NOT what one would call either limber or athletically inclined so it was a bit of a hassle to hoist myself up.  In comes my thoughtful husband to the rescue.  He made me this nifty little step.


I know some of you may not “get it”, but to me these were two of the sweetest things ever.  So thoughtful, and just for me.  I love that man!

This was one of those marital moments when you just gaze across the lined up shovels and think to yourself “Yep God picked the right one for me”.