Flagstone Patio

I know it doesn’t look like much, but I am SO excited about my new flagstone patio.  It is the final big installation of my master landscape plan for the back yard.

Remember my, oh so professional, plan I showed you an entire year ago.  Well, it’s finally all coming together.  I am practically giddy with it all!  The flagstone patio and walkways were the last BIG project.  Woohoo!!!!

This is what the backyard looked like before the stonework was installed.

The space has really come a long way since the plain green rectangle we started with.  But me and my vision..all along I could see it as a much more inviting place to be.  I thought the flagstone paths and patio would really help to define the spaces, draw the eye around, and help to divide the yard up into “rooms”.

This is one of those projects my sweetie and I debated, heavily, doing ourselves.  You already know we are big DIYers, but with the extreme physical nature of this one we decided to hire it out.  I’m SO glad we did.  The folks we worked with did an amazing job.  They were able to translate my kooky idea and make it look EXACTLY like I envisioned it.  The whole job was completed, start to finish, in only 3 days.  It would have taken the two of us weeks, if not months to do it.  I used a local company here in Middle Georgia, called Southern ScapesI have received no compensation for endorsing them, just wanted to let you know in case you were in need of a landscape contractor.  They showed up when they said they were going to, did what they said they would, were polite, and tidy, and came in right at their budgeted amount.  YAY!!!

Here are a few pictures of the project under way.

Finally here it is finished.  Well, almost finished.  The cracks between the stones under the trash can are filled with a solid setting material called Gator Dust.  It’s like concrete, but doesn’t crack.  For the spaces between the stones on the walkways and patios I had them fill in with topsoil.  I am planting Irish Moss.  Hopefully by the end of next summer the moss will fill in all of those spaces with soft ribbons of fluffy green.

I’ll keep you posted on how the moss grows.  Titillating stuff.  I know!  Come back when the weather warms up and we’ll have a sweet tea on the patio.  :)

Until then…

**I have received no compensation for specific products or retailers mentioned in this post.