Fallified – My Fall Home Tour

That’s a word isn’t it?  Well, if it’s not, I’m making it one.  :)


The temperatures are still in the mid to high eighties here every day, but thankfully the evenings have cooled off.  The humidity is down too; so to me, it’s officially fall.


I finally got around to doing a little fa-la-la-la-lalaifying around here.  Thought I’d show you what I’ve done.



When the kids were young I used to go all out for Halloween.  I mean all out.  Jack-o-lanterns, and witches, and ghosties – oh my!  I’ve been simplifying over the past few years…if you can believe that.  Now I just decorate more for fall rather than do Halloween, then Thanksgiving.


The giant Kimberly Queen ferns are still going strong.

Let’s start our tour at the front porch.

These Croton plants last through the entire fall.

I got some more tropical Croton plants this year.  The colors really remind me of autumn and with the warmer temperatures here these plants will last through November.

The large white pumpkin came from Target.


Down below – the white pumpkin came from Target and I got the green one at Michael’s.

You may remember these wreaths I made last year.

I finally caved in and decided to just use plastic pumpkins this year.  I know!  It’s a travesty of nature.  Please forgive me.  But I’ve learned the hard and messy way that the real pumpkins just seem to rot in the heat.  YUCK!  So plastic it is.  I scoured my little town to find the most real looking ones I could.  I got some at Michael’s, a few at Target, and several at WalMart.

These two faux pumpkins came from WalMart.


In the past I’ve also used dried corn, and corn stalks to decorate.  Well, that too is a problem here.  The squirrels tend to take those tasty treats as a personal invitation to “move-in” to  my porch.  Poop everywhere, chewed up pillows, etc.; so no more dried corn.  :(



Welcome to the foyer.  You may recall my painted dresser from this post.  I still really like the way it fills up this wall.



I’ve incorporated some antlers here.  I’ve been wanting to use some for awhile around my house, but my “source” was a little hesitant to part with his treasures.  I LOVE them!!!  Thanks Dad!  :)   Promise I’ll take good care of your babies.



On the other side of the big dresser is a little cluster of neutral pumpkins nestled in a bed of acorns.  You can see how I painted the largest of these with chalk paint here.



From the foyer we’ll head into the dining room.  I filled a large bowl with white faux pumpkins for the center of my table..



The large pumpkin came from Michael’s and the two smaller ones were purchased at Target.


I also made a book page banner to hang across the window.





Now on to the family room.


The large pumpkin came from Michael’s and the smaller one from Target.

More antlers and faux pumpkins on the sofa table.  I especially love these antlers because they’re nice and big.


This green pumpkin came from Michael’s.



On the drop-cloth covered table in the far corner I have a squatty green pumpkin.



On the side table by the kitchen I used an old glass pumpkin filled with dried beans and some little wooden ears of corn I made YEARS ago to fallify this spot.



In the kitchen I put autumn in this corner with these velvet pumpkins and acorn candle holders.



These OLD styrofoam pumpkins found a home on my vintage scale.  The scale is one of my favorite garage sale scores of ALL TIME!



Finally, the back porch has a few little touches of fall.



This wreath is probably about 10 years old.  It originally came from Sam’s Club and has held up so well over time.



This little cluster makes a nice seasonal centerpiece on our outdoor dining table.  This is really where we eat many of our meals, especially this time of year.



Hope you’ve enjoyed my little fall home tour.  What have you done to fallify your place this year?  And…don’t you think we should make that a real word?!



**I have received no compensation for specific products or retailers mentioned in this post.