New Chevron Rug


Y’all already know that I’m the late arrival to the chevron party.  Well last month, in my Ballard’s catalog, I came across an offer that was too good to pass up.

We have wood floors throughout our entire house and I have been very hesitant to add any area rugs.  Why? you may ask.  Because I have a three year old dog that still has potty issues, among others….

When I saw these indoor/ outdoor rugs on super special I thought it would be worth a try.


The nice folks at Ballard’s even responded to my instagram query regarding suitability for pets.  They said that since the rugs were for indoor/ outdoor use they’d be perfect for persnickety pets.  To clean the rug you’d simply have to hose it off.  Count me in!  I thought it’d be worth a try, especially at the super discounted price, $140 for a 9×12.  (This limited time offer has expired, but if you keep your eye out they’re always having sales).

Since it’s so difficult to tell true color via a catalog picture I ordered both the black and mineral rugs in the 9×12 size.  They were back-ordered but the company kept me posted via email through the entire delay process.

Finally they arrived.

Here is what the room looked like before the rug.

It was a little barren.  In pictures you can really tell how badly I need to style my coffee table too.  :(

Here’s a view with no rug.

Then it came to decision time.


I really couldn’t decide.  I liked them both.  The black “went” better with my things, but the mineral added a nice touch of lightness to my really dark room.  The mineral color was a touch more green than I expected.  My brighter accessories are more of a blue as is the painted dresser in my foyer.  My house has a completely open floor plan, so you can see the entire space together.  I thought the green was a little off, but I still couldn’t commit one way or another so I posed the question on instagram to my imaginary internet friends.  The group’s decision was somewhat split but the consensus leaned a little more towards the black rug.  That’s the one my sweetie liked better too.  So we went with the black one.

Now that the decision has been made, and the mineral color rug is on it’s way back to Ballard’s, I am so pleased with our choice.  The rug really anchors the space, adds a bit of texture, and softens the hard woods too.  Since I have so many touches of black in my space, this patterned rug really reads as a neutral.  So far, Miss Molly (aka. the deb-IL) hasn’t marked it as her own. :)   Keeping my fingers crossed!

Another view of the before:

And after:

Now, on to style my coffee table…and maybe start shopping for some new nail-head trimmed linen chairs.  If you give a moose a muffin.

**I have received no compensation for specific products or retailers mentioned in this post.