Chalkboard Lettering – A Cheater’s Guide

I am in love with all of the fancy chalkboards out there and the beautiful lettering that goes with them.  Unfortunately, good-looking penmanship is NOT one of my gifts.  I have tried and tried.  Oh how I’ve tried to learn to write artistically.  Ain’t gonna happen!  Much like my lack of prowess at taking lovely photographs my skill deficit in the chalkboard lettering department continues to mock me.  Positive affirmation – But I’m a really nice person…I have to keep telling myself these things.  :)


Always on the lookout for the DIY fix, I’ve found a solution to MY chalkboard writing dilemma.  Though not as lovely as some, for me, this turned out just fine; much better than my OWN penmanship.

Here’s how I did it.

Blank chalkboard just waiting for pretty letters.

First I found a quote on the internet I liked.  This verse was suitable for this chalkboard since it’s home is out on my screened porch where one is surrounded by all things ‘garden’.  I printed it up on my computer fiddling around with different fonts and sizes in my basic Microsoft Word program.

Since the bigger sized letters kept the verse from fitting on one piece of paper I just taped the multiple pages together adjusting the top to bottom spacing accordingly.  Then I rubbed the back of my computer printed verse heavily with the side of a piece of plain white chalk.

From there I taped the verse on to my chalkboard.  I made the chalkboard by painting over the center of a rustic plywood A frame sign I made ages ago when I use to sew and sell purses & bags.  I didn’t even use real chalkboard paint for this project, just two coats of some left over black paint I had in my craft stash.

Once the chalk backed verse was taped to my chalkboard I went over the edges of the letters with a pencil.  I traced over the outlines pretty firmly to be sure the chalk from the back side was transferring to chalkboard – rub on style.

Then I removed the paper template.  What is left is the outline of the letters on the chalkboard.

You can see the faint outline of the letters on the chalkboard here.

I didn’t really know what I would be using to make my chalk letters on my chalkboard.  As you can see I had a collection of supplies: regular plain chalk, a chalk pencil I use for sewing, and a chalk marker I purchased on Amazon.  I ended up using the chalk pencil and the regular old school white chalk.

I used the chalk pencil to darken the chalked letter outlines.  It worked really well since it has a nice fine tip.  The trickiest part, for my uncoordinated self, was trying not to rub off my outline marks while I was doing my trace overs.


After I had all of my letters outlined nice and ‘dark’ with my chalk pencil I just filled them in with regular chalk.  Easy peasy.  A little time consuming, but so worth it to me.  I think this board looks so much nicer than the one I made in my craft room.  That one needs a little attention now.

With this cheater’s project you are only limited by your imagination and the font styles you can load on your computer.

I added a few little free-hand embellishments with the ribbon banner and the garland of leaves.

The only cost I had for this project was the paint pen, that I ended up not even using!  I’m sure I’ll use it sometime.  I just decided I liked the more fuzzy look on this on this board.  The chalk marker has a dark crisp line that will be perfect for something…I just don’t know what it is yet. :)

Are you a master at lettering or do you need to cheat like me?


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