Bedroom Furniture

aka. the hard stuff, case goods, or the cabinet goods.  What do you call this kind of furniture?

Tall chest


We used the long dresser in the living room.


Corner of tall chest and a peek at the headboard.




Mirror and home-made desk.

I scored a total deal on these 1980′s goodies from Craigslist.  The entire bedroom: a tall chest, a long dresser, a nightstand, a headboard, and a mirror for $150.  In it’s original state it was all quite worn and dated.  It was quality furniture though, all solid wood with dovetail joints.  I had a vision of it all painted up so we took the plunge and began our make-over magic.

This is what all of the furniture looked like in it’s before state:





Long dresser


Tall chest



For the mirror I added a piece of plain luan to cover that oak leaf pattern.  It did not match the carved detail on the rest of the furniture pieces.

The “desk”


We started by sanding everything.  It was quite a job.  Even though nothing was sanded to bare wood, everything needed to have it’s shiny finish removed so the paint would stick well.  Baby girl and I sanded, and sanded, and sanded some more.  For three days we sanded.  Even with an orbital power sander it still took for-evah.  There were lots of nooks and crannies that had to be sanded by hand.

This is how my garage looked with all of our summer projects sanded and waiting for paint:


It was A LOT of stuff!  Halie picked out a light dove gray color to use on these wood pieces.  The color is Hazy Stratus by Valspar, though I had it mixed in an Olympic paint because it was less expensive.  The finish is satin.

I used my awesome new paint sprayer for this large project and it made the process SO MUCH FUN!  Really!!  I love that thing.

I painted the brassy hardware with a satin finish black spray paint.

This is what the gray looked like before it was “aged”.

I then gave all of the pieces an aged look by rubbing them down with my favorite, Minwax Dark WalnutIt really is my go-to color for almost all of my stained projects.

You can kind of see what the antiquing looks like here:


Remember the “desk”?…well it started life as a discarded coffee table someone in my neighborhood had curbside on trash day.

I’ve officially descending into dumpster diving.  I did go knock on their door and ask them if I could have it.  I’m sure they thought I was a total nut job.  But when I looked at it I didn’t see trash.  With that nifty little drawer it just screamed writing desk to me.  And it was FREEEEEEE!!!

I found a nasty table on CL for $15 that had some fabulous turned legs to transform this little trash into a treasure.


I was absolutely thrilled with how this massive project turned out.  Total cost for all of these goodies: about $190 for the bedroom furniture, legs for the “desk”, and paint.  I already had the stain, the sandpaper, and the piece of luan I used on the mirror.  I’m especially pleased with the little desk.  What was destined for the dump has been given a new life.

Have you ever made over a throw-away into something you loved?


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