The Dining Table

Halie’s dining set was a donation from a dear friend.  So…zero dollars.  All we had to pay for was paint and sweat equity to turn this set from a nineties white & natural butcher block to a more updated gray & dark walnut table with sunny yellow chairs.

Loving these sunny yellow chairs.


This is what the set looked like in the “before” state:

The table was nice and clean so all we had to do was sand it a bit.

The chairs were a little wobbly but we were able to easily repair them with a few screws and some wood glue.  We sanded the chairs just enough to give them a scuff for the paint to grab on to.

The only part that needed stripping down to raw wood was the table top since it was to be stained.  Even then with the wood exposed on the top, unfortunately, it didn’t accept the stain too well.  I think because it is a pieced butcher block and has a lot of glue in it, the top resisted the stain.  I did manage to make it work though.  Rather than absorb the stain the color really floated more on the top.

I used my favorite stain on this table top:  Minwax Dark Walnut.

After staining the top I sealed the surface with 4 coats of satin finish polyurethane, sanding lightly between each coat.

The chairs were the fun part.  I got a new toy – a paint sprayer that attaches to our air compressor.

I got the sprayer at Lowe’s.  It’s made by Kobalt and I couldn’t be more in LOVE with it!  It’s amazing!!!  Once I figured out how to use it and got over my initial trepidation of the power I was smitten.  The paint goes on in a wonderful fine mist.  You can get to all of the nooks and crannies.  There are no drips, no brush marks either.  It’s makes such a nice finish.

I put four coats of paint on the chairs.  There was no need to sand in between.  Yay!  With the sprayer, and the hot sunny day, each coat was dry to the touch in about 15 minutes.

The paint on the chairs is by Valspar.  It’s called Valspar Ultra and the finish is a gloss enamel. The nice people at Lowe’s were able to color match to an Olympic paint color: egg yolk.  It’s really more of a nice vibrant sunny yellow than an eggy yellow though.

The most difficult part of this was the heat.  When I was working on this dining set re-do the temperature was above 100 degrees outside.  Yowza!!

The bottom part of the table (the legs and apron) are painted gray then antiqued with the dark walnut stain.  I’ll tell you more about that process when I show you the bedroom furniture.

Loving these sunny yellow chairs.

The total cost for this dining set re-do was only about $35 for the gray paint and the yellow paint.  I already had the stain and the polyurethane.  I bought a gallon of the gray so there would be plenty to use for the bedroom furniture.

Even with the table top snafu I was really happy with this project.  Since I worked on it to go into the breakfast area of Halie’s first apartment, we were all especially thrilled that it was able to fit into the current place.  :)


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