The Silver Lining

I always believe that every dark cloud has a silver lining.  You may remember the traumatic tale a few weeks back of our initial attempt to move baby girl into her first apartment.  Though it was rough going for a bit it all worked out in the end.  :)   As it always does.

In stark contrast to our traumatic tale this story has a happy ending.  But I’m jumping ahead.

Once upon a time there was a sweet, beautiful, smart young lady who decided to grow up in spite of her parents.

She was ready to live in a home where she could be surrounded by things that reflected her personality, gave her quiet space for her studies, that provided a place for her friends to hang out, that had a kitchen for her gourmet endeavors; and most importantly she needed a home that allowed her cozy companion – Seamus.

The young lady and her mother extraordinaire searched and searched all through the land until they found her new home away from home.  It was clean, in a convenient location, had a certain vintagey charm, and welcomed her furry friend with open arms (& a hefty pet deposit).

This is the living area before:

The dining area and kitchen before:

The little kitchen area before:

The bedroom before:

Other side of the bedroom before:

The bathroom before:

So as you can see the home away from home had a lot of potential.  It was nice and bright,clean, and had beautiful hard wood floors.  This is where the story takes a turn towards the fun part…decorating. :)

The young lady and her parents were on a very tight budget but were willing to work hard make her little home cozy.  They would fill it to the brim with fun DIYs, thrifted treasures, and hand-me-down furniture to give it personality and make it warm and welcoming.

Today I’ll give you an overview of the “afters”.  In the days and posts to follow I’ll give you details on how we made all of the goodies come together.

Welcome!  So glad you could stop in for a visit.

A pretty pot filled with herbs for cooking and a fun doormat.


The living area after:

The living room is filled with happy color, comfy, eclectic and functional furniture.


The window side of the living room after:

Painted drop-cloth curtains on the windows.

The pretty glass lamps are from Homegoods.  They were our biggest spending “splurge”.

End table recycled from that first dorm room freshman year.


This little table is covered in a table cloth made of fabric that was Halie’s inspiration for her whole decorating scheme.  I actually made beautiful 96″ drapery panels out of this fabric too (for the first apartment), but they wouldn’t fit here.

Round table from parents’ attic.


Under the table is a little hiding place for Mr. Seamus.

A hidden cat bed.

A gallery wall installation to decorate the living room.

Artwork by Halie :)


This fun red cart was to be a kitchen island in her original apartment, but it works perfectly in this place as an occasional table.  And as an added bonus, the cart offers some great (and much needed) storage space underneath.

She’s already at work back there.

Storage baskets underneath hold her daily backpack and some extra kitchen linens.


On top of the cart is a picture of her band buddies and a tea set that was her great grandmother’s.

Tea time


The view from the sofa looking toward the dining area:

A peek at one of Mom’s first upholstery projects.


Close up of the dining area:

Loving these sunny yellow chairs.


Looking into the kitchen from the dining area:

Cat bowls front and center :)

The stove wall with melted crayon art over the sink.


The cabinet space in this little kitchen is very limited.  It appears there is plenty of space.  In actuality, not so much.  We improvised by adding the shelf from Target to increase storage.

Extra kitchen storage.


Her favorite apron tucks away nicely on a hook on the side of the shelving unit.


Open shelving for dishes


Next up, the bedroom.  We re-used all of her linens from her previous two dorm rooms.

A quote from one of our favorite books hangs above her nightstand.


Photo-bomb by Seamus.

Dresser and closet wall


You will not  believe how this “desk” started it’s life.  Can’t wait to show you…later :p

The bathroom:

We ordered this metal storage shelf from Wal-Mart site to store.

Over the toilet shelf adds essential storage.

The time has come to bring this photo barrage tour to an end for today.

Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by.  Come back soon.  I’ll be sharing ALL of the details on the where froms and how tos in the coming days.

Until next time….


Bye bye y’all!

Floor mat from Bed Bath & Beyond.

As for the silver lining in our story of the young lady …and the little home away from home was juuuussssttt right.



**I have received no compensation for specific products or retailers mentioned in this post.