The Summer of My Discontent

Where have you been?  You may have asked.  Good gravy…I’m so sorry that is all too common a refrain around here.  Do other people have lives that don’t go to heck in a hand-basket?  I want to switch places.  Please.  You know Murphy’s Law?  I think it should be called Johnson’s Law.


It all started off fine and dandy.  Baby girl was planning a big move from dorm living to an apartment of her own.  She found a cute place and signed a lease for it way back in January.  Anticipating her new home we began thrifting, begging for hand-me-downs, sewing, sanding, and painting up a storm.  It has been so much fun…far more work than we ever anticipated, but fun!  And her place was going to be ADORABLE!!!

Don’t worry, I’ll give you all of the details on each and every project later.  We had everything all set to go about two weeks ago.  We drove over to Athens, with the u-haul filled to the brim.  We had the power and internet hooked up.  Halie picked up her keys and we were SO excited…

Only to be met with this:

Aaaccckkk!!!  The place was covered in dangerous mold.  We thought at first it might be mildew.  We’ve had lots and lots of rain here.  The apartment had been closed up for a month or so with no electricity turned on.  So we proceeded to scrub the place down with bleach.  Well…it wouldn’t scrub away and what we did get cleaned was right back the next morning.  You can imagine our “dismay”.  That’s putting it lightly.  Hysterics ensued.  Tears.  Lots of tears.  We were able to extricate ourselves from the lease,  and put her things in a rental storage unit…since her dorm lease was up.  But then began problem number 86, we had to find her a place to live.  The students signed their leases months ago.  There was NO PLACE TO BE FOUND!!

In addition to making 3 trips back and forth, from home to Athens in 3 days I looked at 42 possible places for her to live.  FORTY TWO.  Either they listed availabilities and there were none, or they were totally nasty, or were in unsavory parts of town.  I’ll tell you this much.  The stress meter was pegged out!!!  Pegged I tell ya’.

Believe it or not I’m abbreviating many of the details for you.  Finally we found a place, signed a lease, and she will move in mid-August.  Until then, she will stay with friends and basically live out of her car.  Not an ideal situation by any stretch, but she’s a trooper.  Unfortunately, many of the goodies we anticipated going into her apartment will not fit in the new place (part deux).  It is tiny.  They advertised it as cozy.  It is.  We’ll just bring the extra stuff back home and store it until the “next” time.  I had a clean garage for almost two weeks.  :)   Once we get her all settled I’ll be sure to tell you about all of the projects.  We really did do some nifty ones.

Also, in the midst of all of these goings on…this summer we’ve had 3 hospital stays, 1 major health trauma, 1 minor surgery, a fender bender, veterinary issues, car repairs, & a fallen tree.  Oh, and two desktop computer crashes, & 1 laptop virus.  Plus the usual keeping up with life things.

However, through it all we have been blessed.  Sometimes when you’re in the thick of it though…it’s hard to see the light.  He has always taken care of us and I know He always will.  Our prayer warriors have really put in overtime on our behalf this summer and I’m so appreciative.  Really.

We are especially thankful that Halie didn’t get moved into the moldy place and start getting sick.  Maybe they would have tried to cover it with paint.  Who knows?

We were able to find storage for her things.  She is blessed with good friends who are providing a roof over her head for the next few weeks.  We all made it there and back safely.  We were able to get out of the lease and get our deposit back.  She was able to find an apartment close to campus where she can have her cat from home as company. :)

I promise I will try to be more faithful about posting.  If you know me at all, you know I’m ALWAYS busy doing some project or another.  I have quite the back-log from this summer to show you.

Tomorrow I head to Atlanta to attend the Haven conference.  I’m really looking forward to meeting up with my blog idols, getting to know some new friends, learning bloggy tricks, and taking a break from “real life” to stay in a hotel and have some great girl-time.
Haven Conference 2013

Thanks for sticking with me.