Bright Pillows for the Craft Room


My craft room is all neutral.  The floor is bare, the walls are light tan, the hard furniture is all white, even my soft stuff – like drapes & and an upholstered chair are tan; so I thought a little pop of color was in order.

While in Hobby Lobby recently, for an entirely different reason, I came across these fun fabrics.


These fabrics and the combination of them all together just screamed fun to me.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add some pizzaz to my craft room.  I made two VERY colorful pillows; a square ruffled one and a rectangular flower appliqued pillow.

For the ruffled pillow I started off by cutting strips with my rotary cutter.  I then stitched them into long tubes so there wouldn’t be any raw edges.

I tried a new gathering technique I saw on Pinterest.  I used fishing line and sewed a zig-zag stitch over the top.  Then I pulled the fishing line to cinch it up.

I pinned the ruffle in place and stitched it down.  From there it was just cinch, pin, & repeat with the rest of the ruffles until I filled the front pillow piece up.  I didn’t even measure the distance between the ruffles.  I know!  It’s so counterintuitive for this OCD gal.

The back of both pillows have simple envelope style flap closures.

I stitched the front to the back, right sides together, turned it right side out, pressed the edges and Voila!  Ruffled pillow. :)

That first pillow went so smoothly I thought I’d try another.  How ’bout a giant flower?

For this pillow I started with ovals.  I cut oval shapes out of all of my fabrics.  I then sewed the ovals together, cut them in half, flipped them right side out, and pressed them flat to make petals.  You can see in the picture below that I left the straight edges raw where I cut them in half.  From there I stitched them together to make a petal chain.

I gathered up the petal chain the same way I did the previous ruffles; with the fishing line technique.  Once it was all cinched up I wrapped it round and round to form the flower.

I pinned it down and stitched the petals in place.

Unfortunately, I was left with an unsightly hole in the center.  Then I remembered an old button I had and some leftover hot pink fuzzy fringe.  In this case I was not going for the less is more approach.  More is more :)   So I added the fringe and the striped button to fill in the empty space.

These two pillows really added some happy pops of color to my very neutral room.  I smile whenever I walk in and see the bright colors and fun details.




I keep moving them around, even occasionally adding one to my “work” chair.

Though this little project wasn’t even on the radar, those colorful fabrics just jumped into my buggy begging to made into these fun pillows.

Does that ever happen to you, especially in the craft store?  You go in for one thing and end up adding another, completely different thing to your To-Do list.  Happens to me all the time…craft store, home improvement store, or even yard sales; I go with one thing in mind and come home with three more projects to do.  Hahaha!  Such is the life of a DIYer.

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