Repurposed Firepit to Fountain

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram this is old news.  I “made” this fountain a few weeks ago to go in the little garden area by our front entry.  Made – the term being used very loosely here.  I suppose it was really more like – put together.

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I’ve wanted to do something with an antique cast iron sugar kettle forever.  I think they are SO cool.  Historically, their purpose was to boil down sugar cane for syrup or for cooking very large meals.  Can you imagine twenty gallons of fried chicken? I’m salivating just thinking about it.  Mmmmmm!

This is one we saw on a recent trip to New Orleans.

Anyway…every now and then I’d come across one at an antique fair or shop.

This one was marked $375, actually a very good deal, but too much for me.

I saw the cool iron kettle above at the huge Peaches to Beaches yard sale event back in March.  It was marked at $375 which was a fair price but:  A) it was still more than I wanted to spend and B) it weighed a flippin’ ton.  I had no idea how I was going to finagle it around.

There are several places that now make really nice reproduction fiberglass kettles to use as planters or fountains.  I seriously looked at those.  Unfortunately, they were still out of my price range too.  :(

You may remember the coffee table I made for Steve’s man cave.  If not check it out here.  For that table I used the base of a fire pit set from Lowes.  I knew when I saw the fire pit set it would be perfect to re-purpose for my two projects: the coffee table AND the sugar kettle inspired fountain.  Ahhhhhh!  Can you hear the angels singing?  I did.  I love it when the ideas you have in your head actually come to fruition.

This is the fire pit I used.

Before I assembled my little project my sweetie sprayed both the inside and the outside of the bowl with truck bed liner spray paint.  It’s a kind of rubberized spray paint.  Hopefully this will help protect the metal from rusting and disintegrating too fast.

Next up I cleared a space and leveled the area where the fountain would sit.

Then it was just a matter of setting it into place.

From there I only had to add the pump to finish it off.  I used this pump kit from Home Depot.

Easy peasy…I assembled the pump, set it down into the bowl, filled the bowl with water and voila.  Fountain.

I am SO happy with this little project!  It turned out just like I envisioned it would.  The sound is WONDERFUL!!!  The little gurgles and drip drops make it feel so relaxing.  The fountain adds such nice visual interest to the space too.  Neighbors out walking come right up to it to check it out.  I love that!  I can hardly wait to add some plants to the area too.  Not only will the plants help to fill in the space, they’ll make the fountain look like it’s supposed to be there.  In addition plants will help to camouflage the cord.  And…I love plants, the more the merrier.  :)



Whatcha think?

Have you re-purposed anything interesting lately?  I’d love to hear about it.