DIY Chevron Fabric

I am always the last one to the station for the trend train.  In fact I think the chevron train may have already left the station…But, better late than never.

I’ve know for awhile I wanted to do some chevron somewhere, I just couldn’t decide where.  Then it hit me – the backyard.  I thought it would be a fun little graphic touch to have here and there.  Okay, then came the problem…finding the perfect color.  It just didn’t happen.  I looked for months and months.  I had in my mind a nice peacock blue or cobalt.  Nope.  Nowhere.  Wasn’t meant to be.  I looked all over my little town.  I even looked up in the big city at my favorite fabric store.  Nope.  Nada.

What’s a girl to do?  Well never give up, that’s what.  Since I couldn’t find a chevron fabric in the color I wanted I set out to make it myself.  So there.  Take that fabric gods of the universe!

I was able to find a striped fabric in the perfect color.  It was a nice stripe with a combination of wide and skinny stripes in the exact shade I wanted.  I just had to figure out how to make it into a chevron pattern.  Not as easy as you might think.  At least not for me.  I used a combination of several tutorials online.  Even with those I had to do a few little practice pieces with some scraps.  I don’t know what it is with me; but I am BOTH technologically AND mathematically challenged.  So not fair.  Ugghhh!

This is how I put it together.

I won’t offer a tutorial on making the fabric because there are so many out there already that are far better than I could ever come up with.  I will tell you though that, for me, the most daunting aspect after figuring out the cutting part was matching up the pattern lines.  It was a wee bit more squirrely since I had both the large and small stripes to contend with.  In making chevron you are essentially putting an upside down piece next to a right side up piece.  With this fabric it was slightly more challenging because the striped dye pattern wasn’t EXACTLY even.  It did work out in the end with a little bit of stretching and scrunching.  Know that there were some not too ladylike words bandied about the craft room on that day.  Peanut M & Ms were a requirement.  (In case you didn’t know they are my GO To stress reliever).

Once I got the fabric made I quickly turned it into pillows for the “garden”.

While I loved the chevron I thought the pillows looked a little blah, so I added some pretty square medallion pillows from Bed Bath & Beyond (with a 20% off coupon of course).  The pattern is called Bindis.  The BB&B pillows had my cobalt color and a few pops of some other cheery hues, like lime green and goldenrod yellow.

I grew up with this bench in my grandmother’s yard. Now it’s mine. One of my most treasured possessions. :)

On the other side of the yard, under the pergola, we have two Adirondack chairs.  For now we are using some plastic ones.  Building some nice wooden chairs is on our “list” of things to do.  This shady spot under the pergola is great for relaxing, reading, & watching the puppies play.

Also on our “list” is to make this ground under the pergola a nice stone patio.  One day….


The book above is one that I’m ready to start. I got it on a plantation tour in Louisiana.  The paper striped straw in my sweet tea came from Target.


Here it is again, just the plain chevron pillow.

For the back-side of the pillows I used some fabric I had on hand.  It’s a bright lime green that goes perfectly with the medallion pillows.  Hmmm…meant to be?  I think so!

I enjoyed this project.  Well, I should say I enjoyed the result of this project.  Heehehee!  The making of the chevron was a wee bit frustrating for this mathematically challenged, albeit experienced sewer.  Once I got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing though.  Would I do it again?  Sure – probably…or I might look a little more diligently for the already made fabric of my dreams.  :p

So, are you a late-comer to the trends like me or are you one of the first to board the train?

**I have received no compensation for specific products or retailers mentioned in this post.