House Tour: The Master Bedroom

Welcome to the Master Bedroom.  You will see that I broke the cardinal rule of decor…I have matchy matchy stuff.  I did it twice!  The furniture in this room is part of a matched set as are the linens.  I know.  I should be kicked out of the home blogger’s union.  Oh wait.  There isn’t one; so I’m safe for the moment.  I do have a good excuse for breaking the cardinal rule though, even twice.  I’m not the only one that lives in here :p  Any of you out there that have to share your space will get where I’m coming from.  Sometimes you just have to find SOMETHING you can both agree on.  And even though this space is all matchy matchy I still love it.  This Master bedroom is a quiet, serene, and soothing space for us.  When I walk in here I immediately go ahhhhh!  Relaxation mode takes over.  Isn’t that how it should be?

You may remember the Master Bedroom in our previous house.  It was a completely different looking space, filled with dark colors, heavy linens, and warm tones.  When I look at it now it seems SO dated, but I guess that’s to be expected since it WAS 1999 when the room was decorated.  You’ll see that we got new furniture for our new Master.  We kind of bought it as a present to ourselves for our 25th wedding anniversary.  Twenty five years and you get new furniture – who knew?  Don’t worry our old (antique) furniture is still in use in the upstairs bedroom.  The furniture we purchased for this room is by Universal and is part of the Paula Deen collection.  We have both been very happy with the quality of the pieces, especially for the price.  All of the furniture is solid wood, no fiberboard or pressboard.

When you first come into the bedroom from the hallway this is what you see straight in front of the doorway.

This little reading nook is right by the window and gets wonderful morning light.  The chaise is from Ikea.  It is the Ektorp chaise with a white slipcover.  I’ve had it almost 18 months and haven’t had to wash it yet, but that day isn’t too far away.  The mirrored console table is from Target online.  I never did see it in any of the Target stores, but it arrived quickly and was just as it was described.  It was also very easy to assemble.  I love the little shimmer it adds to this end of the room.

The chrome-like garden stool next to the chaise came from Home Goods up in Atlanta, as did the floor lamp.  Oh how I wish we had a Home Goods here in Middle Georgia.  Are you listening out there Home Goods people?  Hello?  Beuller?  I think just little old me would keep them in business here.  Hahaha.

As much as I would love to have a nice cushy rug in here, with puppies about it’s just not meant to be right now.  So until the day I can get some fluff underfoot I have a small white & grey cowhide rug just to break up the expanse of hard wood flooring.

Though it’s a little small, the colors couldn’t be more perfect.  One day it will be lovely layered over a plush silver grey flokati.  This little cowhide came from Sam’s Club.  I don’t think it is something they regularly carry.  It just so happened they had them the day I walked in there.  The cowhide rug gods were smiling on me that afternoon.

Below is my sweetie’s contribution to our retreat.  I am so NOT the electronics person in our household.  As much as I protested about having this little ditty in our room I must confess I really do like it.  It is a 36″ smart TV by Sony.  It was a floor model at Best Buy so Steve got a great deal on it.  The best part about it to me is that I can go online with the TV.  The remote is a little keyboard so I can check emails, shop, watch/ download/ stream movies, or look at blogs all from the comfort of my very own bed.  I must say it’s pretty nifty. :)

On the wall across from the doorway is this long dresser.

The mercury glass candle sticks are from Ikea.  I’ve probably had them for 8+ years, and fortunately they are still selling them.  The round mirror came from Marshall’s.  I had been looking for a silver star-burst style when I came across this one instead.  It was meant to be.  It goes especially well with the mirrored console table.

From there it’s over to the bed.

The pillows were a all crisp and standing at attention until a large old kitty cat decided that it was time to snuggle in behind them.

All of the linens in this room are from Dillard’s.  They are part of their Luxury- Hotel Collection.  I actually purchased all of the linens before we moved into this house…in anticipation of the new room.  When I saw the first piece of this linen collection and noticed it was on super duper clearance @75% off + a coupon I new I had better jump on it.  So by going to three different stores all over the state I managed to scrounge up the complete group.  I got two white Euro shams, 2 grey standard shams, 2 white standard shams, 1 grey comforter, 1 white duvet cover, 1 white dust ruffle, 5 throw pillows, 4 full length white drapery panels, & 2 white valances (the only part I haven’t used).  I was able to purchase ALL of that for around $200.  I know, right!  That’s one of the reasons it’s all so matchy matchy.  I couldn’t not get it all.  You know you’d have done it too.  Plus I really like it.  The quality is so nice and the colors make me go ahh.  I use the grey comforter & shams for the cooler months and I pull out the white duvet cover & switch out the shams for the warmer months.

the grey bedding


the white bedding

You may remember the plates from our old house.  I changed the ribbons to grey and hung them in here.  This room could really use a lot more art work and some more accessories to warm it up a bit.  But I’m holding off on those until I find things that I really love.

The lamps on the night stands came from Marshall’s.

Continuing around the room, directly opposite from the long dresser is the high-boy.

On top of the high-boy are three urns that I’d like to spray paint white.  It’s on “my list”, the never ending list of projects and to dos.

One of my favorite things about this room is the ceiling.  Weird, I know.  It is a coffered ceiling with such pretty details.

I told y’all about all of my paint selections here.  The walls in this room are Sherwin Williams Pavestone (SW7642).  The ceiling in here is Sherwin Williams Rainwashed (SW6211).  We painted the Master Bath with the Rainwashed color too.  The dove grey and the sea-glass green look so pretty next to each other.

This room, while still a work in progress, turned out to be a wonderfully restful retreat.  I love the cool colors and serene feeling when I walk in here.

Whatcha think?  Does it make you want to take a nap?  I think there’s a nap with my name on this afternoon.  I’m closing the drapes, turning on that ceiling fan and heading off to the land of nod.  :)

Keeping it real:  One thing you can’t see in the pictures is my little step stool.

I LOVE my bed, but it is SO tall!  I can’t get into bed with out a little boost.  Funny huh?  And…oh so classy.

**I have received no compensation for specific products or retailers mentioned in this post.