Burlap Table Runner

Today I want to share a quick and easy craft project with you.

I made this cute burlap table runner in less than an hour and it cost less than $4 to put together.  I think it adds just the right touch of rustic style to my dining room table.

I’ve seen similar runners online and in stores.  They usually retail for $20 and up.  Always wanting to save a buck, I thought to myself…I could do better than that.  This is one of those projects I’ve had in the back of my mind to do FOREVER and finally got around to doing it.

There was very little sewing for this one.  In fact, you could probably make this runner without any sewing at all if you wanted to use iron on fusible hem tape instead of stitching the sides.

I started with a piece of burlap 20″ x 6′.  I then ironed the long edges , rolled hem style, 1/2″on either side.  From there I stitched down the hem.  After that I moved on to the ends.  I ran a line of stitching with my sewing machine about 5 1/2′” from each end.  Then I pulled out the cross pieces of burlap weave to leave a fringed edge.  Finally, I gathered up 5-6 pieces of fringe and knotted them together to finish it off.


Easy peasy!  I got my burlap from Hobby Lobby, with a coupon.  In fact it’s the burlap leftover from my spring burlap wreaths.

**I have received no compensation for specific products or retailers mentioned in this post.