Spring Wreath

I want to show you the update I did on my burlap wreaths.  You may remember when I first made my Noodle Wreaths last summer.  Well, they just haven’t held up very well.  I don’t know if it’s because they take that direct afternoon sun & heat or not?  They just got floppy and ended up being more of a teardrop shape than a circle.  Yuck.  SOOOoooo, I decided to redo them.  Actually I ended up just starting over from scratch.

Instead of using the foam noodles, like I did last time, I used straw wreaths.  I didn’t even remove the plastic before I wrapped them with the burlap strips.  I cut my burlap into 6″ strips.  The strips were about 2 yards long.  I used two and a half strips for each 18″ wreath.  I hot glued the end of the strips down on the back-side of each wreath.

I used the same fabric flowers I made for my wreaths last year.  They are attached with straight pins.  I’d like to keep the wreaths out for most of the year.  The burlap makes a nice neutral background for the seasonal pretties.

I added a little bit of spring greenery to brighten the wreaths up.  :)   Again, everything is attached with straight pins so I can change out the goodies whenever I get a whim to.  I get a lot of whims.

I got the wreaths, greenery, and the burlap at Hobby Lobby.  When I made my purchase the wreaths and greenery were on sale.  I was able to use a coupon for the fabric.  For this project I spent less than $15 total.

I’m happy with the way this pair turned out.  Whatcha think?

While we’re on the porch I wanted to show you the fabulous ferns I got.  They are Kimberly Queen ferns.  Though they’re more upright than Boston Ferns, they are MUCH heartier.  These ferns will be able to stand the direct heat and blazing Georgia sun much better than a more delicate plant.

These ferns are GIANT.  Fortunately, when I bought them my sweet boy, Zack, was with me.  One thing 21 year old sons are especially good at is toting heavy stuff.  ;p  I purchased two of these big-uns from WalMart.  They were $19.88 each.

I haven’t put my other front porch plants out yet.  I’d like to put some Coleus out there, but I haven’t seen too many to choose from in the stores yet.

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