Be back soon

Hey y’all, I haven’t forgotten about you.  Seems like this past month I just can’t catch a break.  I was in the hospital mid-March for three days.  I get home, recuperated and back to my “normal” life then WHAM-O!  Two weeks later I end up back in the hospital.  The second time was for 5 days.  That second hospitalization was a doozy.  It’s taken me a bit to get back on my feet from that one.  I have some abdominal abnormalities and every now and then things just get tangled up in there.  I’ve had this my whole life, and it is what it is.  No complaints…and I’m nothing but blessed.  Though next time this happens, and there will be a next time I just don’t know when, I’ll have to have surgery.  :(   Fortunately, I’ve met with the surgeons here already.  They know my situation, with 7 previous abdominal surgeries and lots of scar tissue, and I feel confident in their care.  So there you go.

I’ve been home for two weeks now, but it seems like I’ve just been playing catch up the whole time.  No worries though, I’m practically back to my old self and feeling better every day.  I’ve even managed to get a few projects done, that I’ll share with you soon.

Just wanted you to know I really haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.