CD Rack

Because we are a hundred years old, we still have CDs.  We have lots of them.  And because I’m incredibly OCD I like to keep them all together in an organized fashion – yes, they’re all alphabetized and sub-sorted by genre.  At our old house I was able to keep all of the CDs in flat boxes under the guest bed.  I thought it would be nice, in this house, to store them in the space where they were actually being used.  I looked all over for pre-fab CD racks; but everything I saw was too furniture like in addition to being too expensive.

One day while wandering around Ikea I stumbled upon this rack.

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It’s called the Lerberg and it only costs $5.99

You can see I used 6 of them stacked on top of each other.  That’s where the hard part came in.  Math is not my friend, never has been and never will be.  :(   So I did a little cheat.  I traced the hanging apparatus onto a large piece of paper,even stacking them up on the piece of paper with a level & straight edge.

Then I put the paper up on the wall where I wanted the rack to go.  Again, I used a level to make sure it was all straight.

Then I used an awl to poke holes through the paper where I had previously marked the hanging apparatus.  From there I just got busy hanging them up.  On one side of the racks the hanging holes lined up with a wall stud.  On the other side of the hanging holes I used heavy duty wall anchors.

I left the paper up while I was hanging the racks to make sure everything stayed lined up.

Once the racks were all hung and screwed in nice and tight I tore the paper away.

From there I got to do the fun part – organizing.  Really, I LOVE organizing things.  I know…it’s an illness.  Sorting and alphabetizing, what a happy way to spend an afternoon.

So for around $40 we got a rockin’ CD rack.  I’m sure eventually I’ll get on the MP3 bandwagon.  It took me YEARS to get a smart phone, and I finally caved on that bit of technology.  So I imagine the music issue isn’t too far behind for me.

This is the final installment for the man cave.  Thanks for being so patient with me.

Until next time…..

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