The Big Picture

I want to tell you about the great price I got on a photo enlargement.

This is a picture of Sanford Stadium.  It’s the football stadium at The University of Georgia.  I took this picture myself with my little point and shoot camera.I thought it would be fun to have some UGA themed stuff in my sweetie’s man cave; but the professional/ retail photos of the stadium were cost prohibitive.   This little diddy only set me back about $40 or so, with the frame.  While the professional photos start at around $150.

Since our baby girl is in the marching band, this part of the football festivities is one our favorite events of game day.  I had the picture, that I took, enlarged online through Staples. It’s called an oversize color print; and it’s pretty easy to do.  You just upload your photo file, put in your particulars, then voila you go pick up your pretty print.

I picked up the large frame at Michaels.  The week I got it, the ready made frames were 50% off.  So it ended up being about $13.

My only disappointment with this whole deal-i-o is the fit of the print.  I ordered the print in the 24″x36″ size.  As you can see the frame is 24″x36″.  Well… the print ended up not going to the edges of the frame on the 36″ side.  I think the print is probably more like 32″.  So boo on that!  Luckily the background of the poster insert was black so I just set the print on top of it.  It’s not the greatest, but I can live with it.  Maybe one day I’ll try to cut down the frame and acrylic so it will fit flush.

Overall I’m happy with it and I especially like that THIS picture has personal meaning to us.

**I have received no compensation  for specific products or retailers mentioned in this post.