Sofa Table

Oh my gosh y’all, it’s been totally crazy around here for the past few weeks!  Each of the kiddos were on spring break; unfortunately not at the same time.  I hosted several social events:  a luncheon at a local historic plantation restaurant,

and a dinner for 35 at our house.

We made a few trips up to the “big city”.  And oh yeah,…I was in the hospital for three days :(   No fun, but not to worry I’m doing just fine now.


All is finally getting back to “normal” around here.  So hopefully, I’ll be able get y’all caught up on blogging stuff lickety split.

Last time we were together I showed you my sweetie’s man cave.  Today, I want to tell you a little more about the awesome sofa table he made for that room.

I had an idea of what I wanted for that space.  In my mind I wanted the table to be as wide as the sofa and the same height as the sofa too.  The table needed to be more functional than pretty, for storage; but in my heart of hearts I wanted it to be pretty too.  Too much to ask?  I think not.

Since it was to be Steve’s man cave the pretty needed to be masculine.  I was thinking something with an industrial look would be perfect.  Well…we looked and looked to no avail.  There were some options where we could have put two shelving units together, but I didn’t really want to do that.  You know how it is when you get something in your mind.  You know exactly what you want…it’s just a matter of finding it.

Since we couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for we decided to make the table.  And by us making the table, what that really means is I come up with the rambling disjointed “can’t you read my mind?” idea; then my sweetie really does read my mind and he makes what I think up.  I love him!

Here’s my ever-so-professionally drawn plan:

CAD qualified, I am NOT.  Fortunately, he gets me.  On the top shelf I wanted to store blankets and such.  Then on the bottom level I wanted to put baskets.  With “stuff” in baskets, a) it’s kind of corralled and b) looks a little less cluttered.  You may notice that the finished table has a vertical support that goes right down the  middle, that the drawing doesn’t have.  We decided that the top surface was just too long to go without it.  We thought that over time it may start to sag.  The unit is made out of 1/2″ oak plywood.

Here’s the drawing of how we decided to put the shelves together:

The right side shows how the shelves went in.  My sweetie routed out channels for them to slide into.  On the left side of this drawing you can see how I tried to maximize use of our sheet of plywood by planning out the cuts.  We ended up using 1 full 4′x8′ sheet plus an additional 4′x4′ sheet.

Sadly I have absolutely NO pictures of the process.  I came up with the idea, we discussed it together; then Steve built the whole thing while I was out of town one weekend.  The piece is both glued and screwed together.  The screws were counter sunk, then the holes were filled in with wood putty before the piece was sanded and stained.  The raw edges of the plywood were covered with iron on edging tape.

We put these little caster wheels on the bottom to be able to move it around easier and to give it more of an industrial type look.

In the above picture you can see that center vertical support I told you about and you can see the finished looking front edges where the iron on veneer tape was used.

The piece was stained with our old standby, MinWax Dark Walnut.  It was finished off with a satin poly.  Two coats of poly were used on the horizontal surfaces.

The woven baskets on the bottom shelf came from WalMart.

I’m really happy how this idea turned out.  The best part…for this one I only had to come up with the plan.  It was kind of like the shoe-maker’s elves.  I went away and came back home to see my idea turned into reality.  Yay!!!

So there you have it.  I’ve rejoined the living.  There are one or two more things I want to share details on in this room, then we’ll move our home tour on downstairs.

Until next time…thanks for checking in :)

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