The Man Cave

First off let me apologize for all of the lighting issues in these photos.  It was a very cloudy day here and it never brightened up enough for me to take pictures without the lights on.

Today I’ll show you the next installment of my home tour.  Remember we’re starting upstairs.  Last week I showed the the upstairs bedroom, and before that the Toile bedroom.  This bonus room over the garage is the last living space upstairs.  Though this room has several functions, mainly this is my sweetie’s space to hang out and listen to things loudly:)   When the house was under construction we added a lot of extra sound-proofing in the walls up here.  So…when he or the kiddos are up here watching movies or playing music they can really crank it up.

This room is still a work in progress, but it has come along nicely in the last few weeks.  Since the last time I showed you this space I’ve added a nice fluffy area rug and a few pictures on the wall.

the rug came from Costco


You probably remember when I did the little green painting a few weeks ago.  The photo is one that I took and had blown up at Staples.


These pictures are all old, from way back in college.

Because the ceiling in this room is sloped there really isn’t much wall space for hanging pictures.  There is just a little space at the front end of the room, by the sofa, that has flat walls.

The room is sort of divided into two halves.  The front half, by the room entry, is designated as “lounge” space.  The back part of the room has the kids’ musical instruments.  They are both still in college and not in permanent housing yet, so their goodies still reside with Mom and Dad.

We have a full drum kit and an electronic keyboard.

This room has two dormer style windows.  The keyboard fits nicely into this little back niche.

Also in this back part of the room is my guitar space. Really, it is.  But – that’s another story for another day.  :p

To decorate the one flat wall space in this back part of the room I framed up some of our favorite old LPs.

That door, you see the edge of to the left of the records, goes to unfinished storage space.

If you were to stand in front of that door and turn around to the front side of the room this is what you would see.

Yep, messy mismatched blankets. We really use this room. :)

Do you see that AWESOME sofa table?  My sweetie made it.  I LOVE it!  I’ll share more about that project later.

I have to tell you about the amazing deal I got on those two lamps.  Though they were not the style I went out looking for, the bargain was too good to pass up.  They came from Target on super duper clearance.  I saved the price tags so I could show you.

Yep, $3.74 each.  I know, right!!!!  You’d have gotten them too, wouldn’t you?

I told you there were two dormer windows in this room.  What’s tucked into that front dormer you ask?

A Victrola , just what every guy needs in his Man Cave, right?  Hahahaha!  Actually, it’s mine.  Steve and the kids gave it to me years ago for a Mother’s Day gift.  I couldn’t find another space to put it in this house, so for now here it sits.  At least it’s out of the way, and every now and then I do go up and play a record or two.

Also, in this little nook is a CD storage system I put up.

I’ll tell you more about that later too.  Suffice it to say…there was math involved and it took me WAY longer than it should have.

In putting this room together I tried to work with a lot of things we already had; which gave us the olive green part of the color scheme.  And you’ve probably figured out by now that we are big Georgia Bulldog fans so that’s where the red came from.  I wanted this to room to have a sort of  Bull-DAWG vibe without being too caricature like or “themey”.  Whatcha think?

This room is really becoming a nice, cozy, comfortable space for us to hang out.  It’s a perfect place to watch movies (loudly), play board games, practice music, and do puzzles – one of our favorite family pastimes.

Okay, here’s a question for you.  There are some, light-pine, nesting side tables on either side of the sofa.  I was thinking of painting them red, like Roxanne.  Yay or nay?  I was also thinking of painting that little chest of drawers in my guitar area.  Any color suggestions?  I sure would appreciate your input.  Thanks!



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