Vintage Wire Basket Chandy

One of the things I love most about our home here is that I get to have a dedicated craft room.  It’s a room where I have a big work table and lots of storage.  Usually I’m in the middle of working on several projects at one time.  Read – huge mess.  Since it’s a separate space from our main living area I can just close the door when I need to.  Mess be gone!  Don’t you wish the rest of life was like that :)

The room itself is a blank canvas with white storage pieces and neutral khaki walls.  I’ve recently started cozying up the space.  I added a nice comfy upholstered chair.  I still need to put some artwork on those empty walls, but that will come in time.  I’d rather wait for things I really like to hang up in there than just throw something on the walls just to fill up the space.  Are you like that?

Anyway, the craft room had an overhead fan fixture and one little lamp.  Not a whole lot of light, especially for working on things.  I wanted to add some more light in the corner of the room.  So I immediately thought of a rustic chandelier.  For some time I looked here and there, but no luck.  Then I came across a vintage, collapsible wire basket.  And it was only $8 – SCORE!!!  I knew with a hanging light kit it would make the perfect fixture.  Exactly what I wanted.  :)   I found the light kit at IKEA, but they have them at the home improvement stores too.  The one I found was less than $4. (I checked the website and it is now $5).

I thought it would be a no nonsense dealio.  Just thread the light kit through the opening in the basket and viola – light.  But nooooo, of course the plug wouldn’t fit through the hole.



The best laid plans,…right?!  Does that kind of thing happen to you when you have an idea or are working on something?  It ALWAYS happens to me – ALWAYS.  Remember back in the day that show This Old House with Norm Abrams.  Every time he made something it always went together seamlessly and without fail on the very first try.  That NEVER happens in this house.  Never.  Ever.

So I had to carefully bend back the little wires where they went through the center hole.  I knew that without those in the way the plug would fit through.  Fingers crossed.

Yay!!!  It fit, and I only broke one of the prongs off. :(   Ref: best laid plans paragraph from above.  To repair the broken wire piece I just glued it in place with some JB Weld epoxy.

I didn’t want the wire to hang down swoopy like, so I put cup hooks along the wall/ ceiling/ moulding corner to hold it out of the way.

If you must know….the first time I hung it up on the hook (with an anchor) BLAM! it came crashing down to the floor just about the time I moved the ladder out of the way.  Again ref: best laid plans paragraph above.  Luckily nothing was broken, not the JB Weld repair spot or even the light bulb.  Thank goodness :)

After some choice words and poking around I figured out that there was a stud (wooden framing piece) just a little deeper under the sheet rock.  So I got a longer hook with a bigger thread and put that in.  Yay!  it held.

This is my favorite part. I love the shadows!!! :)

Here’s the corner before the light went up:

And after:

Whatcha think?  Matilda loves it!  I do too, and for less than $15 total (including tax, hooks, and the light bulb) I think it makes a big impact.  It puts out a lot of light and I especially like the shadows it casts.

In case you were wondering I found the basket at the Atlanta Merchandise Mart at Blue Ocean Traders.


**I have received no compensation for specific products or retailers mentioned in this post.