Round Coffee Table, Semi-Home Made

Remember awhile back when I introduced you to Roxanne?  Well, this is that same room – the Man Cave.

It is a long narrow room that is over our garage.  My sweetie has adopted it as his man room.  He likes to listen to music, movies, etc. REALLY LOUD with the surround sound just a blastin’.  I really don’t care too much for loud things, unless it’s Southern fried rock, classic Hendrix, or Zeppelin on housecleaning day… or when I’m in the car by myself.  Steve likes it cranked up – so when we were building this house we put in lots of extra insulation and sound deadening panels in that room so he could have a place where he could shake the speakers so to speak.  This room is coming along very slowly; but it is coming along.

We put a sofa with a chaise in there back in the fall and then Roxanne came along.  At Christmas time we got a newer TV for downstairs so the older flat-screen got moved up there.  We had been using the rectangular shaped coffee table from our previous home, but as you can see in the picture, with the L shaped sofa it really wasn’t working.

The asymmetry REALLY bugged me.  I knew I wanted to put a round table in there but I was having a heck of a time:  A) finding one that was the right diameter, B) finding one that was reasonably priced, and C) finding one that wasn’t formal.  I almost thought I’d found the perfect one at Tuesday Morning.  They showed a nice rustic one in their print ad, but none showed up at my store or ANY Tuesday Morning store in Georgia for that matter.  Ugghhh!!!  I hate that.  :(

Next up in the thought process was to make one, but how to get the legs?  I really was hoping for metal legs.  Hmmmm?  I’d just purchased a portable fire pit from Lowe’s for another project to do later and I was just going to use the bowl part…think opposite of fire.  Tadaahhh!  Metal legs – and yay for me it was just the right diameter to hold a 36″ top.

This is the model #:

I was able to put the base together pretty quickly, in under 30 minutes.

For the table top I bought a pre-fab pine table round, also from Lowe’s.

I had to do some pretty heavy sanding on the wood.  It was fairly discolored from being exposed to light in certain places.  Once it was all sanded, I ran a tack cloth over it.  I then stained it with my old standby – Minwax Dark Walnut.  When the stain was good and dry I topped it off with a coat of semi-gloss poly.

Here is the base in place.

And here it is all put together:

That little grid on the bottom is the perfect size for holding a wooden bowl with all of the remotes.




I’m really pleased with how this super simple project turned out.

I have an old piece of table-top glass I’m planning to have cut down to fit this table just to protect the top surface.  There are no coasters in the man cave.  :p

I’ll have to show you the awesome sofa table Steve made for this room.  Soon, I promise.

So what’s left for the Man Cave?  Not too much, but I would like to get an area rug to cozy it up.  We also need to add some artwork.  My sweetie would also, one day, like to have one of those fancy massage chairs.  That’s definitely down.the.road.

Oh – here’s a picture of Roxanne with the “new” flat-screen.  A great improvement over the behemoth vintage TV set we had in there before huh?  We still need to fish the wires through the wall though.  Another project for another day.

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