Dorm Style – Part 4, the final installment

I know you’re ready for this little series to be over.  Sorry.

Today I just wanted to briefly show you how we made Halie’s dorm decor work from last year to this year.  In her freshman year she had a traditional style dorm room with bunk/ loft style twin beds.  There were two girls to a room and it was TIGHT – meaning a very, small space.

This year she is in an apartment style dorm where she has a large room all to herself and a full size bed.

We tried to reuse most of her decor items for this room.  For the bedding, we kept the printed quilt to fold up at the foot of the bed and got a new coordinating turquoise quilt as a coverlet.  I was able to score a matching printed pillow sham at Home Goods.  I originally found the printed quilts last year at TJ Maxx, so I was thrilled to find a matching one so long after the first purchase.  The only things we bought for this new room were the turquoise comforter, the hot pink Euro-shams, sheets, a mattress pad, bed risers, and a tan bed skirt.


We put her bed up on the risers to allow for some extra storage underneath.  The bed skirt helps to hide the storage and it looks cute too.  The bed skirt is just a cheapie one from Wal Mart.  I personalized it with some ruffles made out of sheets left over from last year.

You can see the edge of the curtains in this picture. I made them out of sheets. :)

Halie has so much more room to spread out in this dorm.  She now has all of her cute pictures and artwork hanging up too.   These pictures were taken on move in day.  Since my sweetie was deployed for this move, it was all Zack and I could do to get this girl moved in.  I couldn’t have done it without him.  One of his friends came along to help too.  Thank you Chris!

There was not an INCH to spare in the car, seriously…not an inch.

My sweet babies:

I LOVE these two!


Our goodbye hug…not quite as teary as last year.

Two very tired girls


Hope you’ve enjoyed this little trip back to college.  It is all so very different from when I went off to school.  I went to UGA from northern Virginia so all I took with me that first trip down was a suitcase.  I bought my bedding as inexpensively as I could, from K-Mart, when I got down to school.  And that was it.  Since both of my kids go to in-state schools they can’t even imagine that!  They each have an entire household of “stuff” at school and still have “stuff” at home.  Too funny :) How times have changed, huh?



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