Dorm Style – Part 3

What a week…of computer issues.  First it was the modem, replaced.  Then it was the wireless router, replaced.  Then – duhn, duhn, duhn – the blue screen of death.  I HATE the blue screen of death, don’t you?  First you see that little blink, then the gobbledy-gook, then that blue screen.  Eeeek!  I fear my little desktop may not be long for this world.  So last night we, meaning my sweetie, began the process of backing everything up to our external hard drive…just in case.  I still need to move all of our actual photo files over.  It will be my little unexpected project for the next day or so.  I REALLY don’t want a new computer.  And I really, really, don’t want to HAVE to get a new computer.

So, back to our regularly scheduled post.  I wanted to finish showing you some of the projects we did to decorate baby girl’s dorm room.

These are little card stock wall-flowers we painted to match her decor.

And here is a cute two piece owl canvas the girls painted.  I think it is adorable.


For the wall flowers we started with a package of wall flowers that I found on clearance at Marshalls.  Even though in the picture they look like they matched the decor, in person they really didn’t.

They are made of card stock; and they have these cut out portions that you bend and fluff to give them a 3-D effect.  The entire pack cost around $6.

Up next came the painting.  We just used the same paint we used on the little dressers.  Remember I told you those little jars of paint went a LONG way.  They really did!

Base coat of primer


I rolled the flowers with an initial coat of each of the three colors of paint.  So there were some pink flowers, some orange flowers, and some blue ones.

Coat of paint color



Then came the detail painting.  Again using those same three paint colors.  You can see, we even put some sequins on some of the flowers.  Super cheezy, but fun!  Way to go bling!!!

We had a good time working on this easy wall flower craft project together.

The girls came up with idea for their painting project from the internet.  You know how popular owl things are.  Too cute.

They started with two regular canvases painted with the watered down blue paint.  Yes, that same blue paint from the dresser knobs.  I told you that paint went a long way!

Then they just kept on going with their owls on a branch.

The finished product again:

Their first little home away from home turned out so cute, kind of a Bohemian vibe.  It was bright and happy and they made it their own.

I remember when we first dropped off our sweet boy at college two years before baby girl.  TEARS, let me tell you.  Just a few little ones in front of him, but when I got to the car…it was a deluge.  I made my sweetie drive around the college town for about an hour and half before we could leave.  I just wasn’t ready to go.  Right about the time I’d steeled myself for departure – who should call -  but Zack.  He said “Mom, I just wanted to tell you thanks for all your help, I love you, and I miss you already”.  Yep.  I. WAS. A. GONER.  We headed home after that, and there may or may not have been an adult beverage at the finish line.

Well, when it was time to leave baby girl I was on my own.  My sweetie had departed town the night before.  Halie checked in to school a few days early because she is in the marching band.  Since there were no other students around, at least not very many in her high rise dorm, she asked me to spend the night with her.  Of course I was thrilled she asked me and we had a fun night getting her room all set up.  But goodness gracious that was tough morning…all by myself.  On that day the Greek kids were all moving in.  So I leave Halie with a big juicy hug and the lump in my throat comes.  You know the one.  I manage to hold it together until she is out of sight, then boom…hysterics.  Not the pretty kind of crying – the hiccupy, squeaky, out of breath kind.  I’m sure all of those parents and kids in that parking lot thought I was total FREAK; especially since they were just getting there on their move in day and not knowing that I was done and headed home.  What a sight!  At least for that drop off I did not loiter about town for hours.  I did head on home.

Since then it has gotten progressively easier.  Much easier.  If you haven’t had this right of passage yet…I promise, you’ll survive.  It may not be pretty (re:  hiccuppy, squeaky, out of breath crying) but you will survive.  :)

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