Dorm Style – Part 2

Today I’ll show you one of the projects we worked on for Halie’s dorm room.  It’s a set of damask style painted dressers.  Please enjoy my awesomely out of focus, poorly styled, and blurry photos.  One day I will get the hang of photography.  I hope….

I had the idea for using the three colors (hot pink, orange, & turquoise) from the comforter but Halie came up with the paint design.  Soooo cute!  I love it :)

This is what we started with.  Its the Rast dresser from Ikea.  The price was right at $34.99 and the petite size meant it could fit where we needed.  The flat bottom also allowed for stacking.  (Stacking is most definitely not a safe thing to do, but we decided to throw caution to the wind).  While not the intended function of this piece it was our plan all along.  Another thought that went into this little piece was the idea that it could be used for a nightstand in the future.

We decided to pre-paint the components before I put the little dressers together.

First up, priming.  I used some Kilz that I already had.

Next came the very brightly colored paint.  The paint I used was from Lowe’s.  I got three little latex sample pots, in the colors from the comforter, for less than $12.  Those little pots of paint went a LONG way.

I used a sponge roller and each flat panel took two light coats.

After the knobs were painted I topped them off with a heavy coat of poly.

Then came the fun part – assembly.  If you’ve ever put together anything from Ikea you know that the fun is entirely sarcastic.  So many pieces.  Just wait ’til I show you my craft room…and entire room filled with BIG Ikea pieces.

Knowing that the little dressers were going to be stacked, Halie lined up the drawers to do her damask style pattern.  That way the pattern would flow seamlessly from one drawer to the next.

Here’s a shot of the final product again all nestled into place.  Disregard the paper towels wadded up in between…we had just stacked them and were trying to keep them from getting dinged up.  :p

 Halie was so creative and did such a great job.  Proud Mama :)


**I have received no compensation for specific products or retailers mentioned in this post.