Kitchen Chandy

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Remember awhile back when I showed you all of my lighting selections for the house build.

Wellll, after all was said and done – I wasn’t in love with the breakfast area chandelier.  I know…brand new house and all.  I felt terrible about it.  But I REALLY didn’t like it.

We don’t use our breakfast area as a dining space.  Since most of the time there are just two of us here, we use our kitchen breakfast area as a little sitting room space.

Since that nook is a sitting area the chandelier I chose just wasn’t working.  I had to clip up the chain (super ghetto style) with a carabiner to keep us from knocking into it.  Pretty huh?



Then, I didn’t care for the light fixture itself.  It just ended up being too scrolly for my taste.  I prefer more simple lines.  Plain.  That’s my style.

Even with the hanging chain extended I still thought it was just too much.

Beyond that I didn’t care for the color of the light that came off of the fixture.  I know that sounds totally weird, but it was kind of yellow – if that makes sense.  It just sort of gave me the blahs.  First world problems, I know.

I know I picked it out, and I really did try to love it, really.  But I just didn’t.  When I was picking everything out for the house construction there were SO many choices to make in such a short time, after awhile I just started pointing at things in catalogs just to be done with it.  Bad, I know, I know, I know.

Anyway…there has been a chandelier I have been in L.O.V.E. with for some time.  It’s the Eldridge Pendant from Ballard Designs.  Ballard’s style suits me perfectly.  It’s simple, stylish, and elegant without being stuffy.  Most of their pieces are traditional, but they do follow current trends.  I’m kinda funny about buying stuff straight out of a catalog or online without seeing it first.  I’m one of those people that likes to see it, touch it, feel it in person.  (Though I did purchase my bar stools from them sight unseen).

Back to the Eldridge Pendant…Fortunately, in the big city of Atlanta there are two Ballard stores; and I get up to Atlanta about once a month or so.  One of the Ballard stores, downtown, is mostly current catalog items at full retail value.  The other store, in Roswell, is an outlet.  I first hit the Atlanta store where I could see the chandelier in person, and I’m so glad I did.  I was originally thinking of purchasing the large size.  It was HUGE!!!  There is no way it would have worked in our little kitchen nook.  The medium size would work much better in our space.  After I saw it and my true love was confirmed I decided to give the Roswell store a try.  You never know what they’ll have or what condition the items will be in.  There are a lot of scratch and dent type things there.  Welllllll, they had bunches of my beloved Eldridge in stock.  They were in perfect shape too!!  Hooray for me :)

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So, not only was I able to score my light fixture – since I got it from the outlet store I got it at a BIG discount and no shipping.  Plus the day I was there the store was offering additional discounts on lighting.  Yipppeeee!!!  Happy day!!!  That’s when I say to myself It Was Meant To Be.  Do you ever have those moments?

Here is my Eldridge in place in the nekked sitting area.

At the time of this photo the chairs were off getting re-upholstered.  I’ll show those to you next time :)

For the bulb in this chandelier I ended up using one of those old timey looking Edison bulbs.

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I just love how these bulbs look.  I was able to find one at Home Depot.

The light from this fixture is nice and clean, not yellow like the old one.  The lines on this light are so nice and simple too.  While I regret my error in choosing the scrolly one in the first place I’m so glad we switched it out.  The new one couldn’t be more perfect.  (In case you were wondering,  the old chandelier went to a good home.  A friend of ours is redoing an older home and was happy to take it off our hands).

We were able to do this little switch-a-roo ourselves; but if you have ANY qualms about working with electricity please call an electrician.  Safety first.


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