Ready for Spring – Garden Dreaming

We had a bit of a taste of Spring last weekend.  On Sunday the temperature made it up into the sixties and there was sunshine for the entire day.  It was fabulous!  We were able to spend the afternoon outdoors tidying up the yard a bit, picking up sticks and the (ever-present) pinecones.  Neither of which are my favorite things to, but it is nice to start the growing season with a clean slate.   It’s this time of year that I start to get really antsy for warmer weather and sunshine.  I start dreaming of leafy green things and flowers everywhere, and that great scent.  You know the one…of freshly mowed grass, mmmm, love it!

When we lived in Germany the harbingers of spring were always primroses, not the tall fancy ones, the short ordinary primroses that come in all of the Easter Egg colors.  I loved it when they showed up in the local shops and in the window boxes of our little village. They always seemed to arrive just when you needed them the most.  When the skies were greyest, and you had just about reached your limit of cold dreary days…there would come the happy little primroses to announce that “all is not lost, Spring is almost here.  You can hold on just a little longer.”  (I’m really not a winter person, can you tell?)

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Here in the States, at least where we live, crocuses are the flowers that peek their little heads out of the cold hard wintery ground to say “it’s almost time, you can do it, hang on just a little longer”.  When I was coming in the driveway the other day I could see the bright green shoots breaking free of their winter slumber. 

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Hooray, it’s almost time!  With that excitement  and anticipation out come the garden magazines.  I start making plans of what I’m going to put where; re-evaluating current plant placements and how I may rearrange things in my yard. 

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I say my plants have feet because I tend to move them around so much.  I think I’ve moved my hydrangeas about 6 times in the 11 years we have lived here.  I’ve transplanted iris bulbs through 3 different moves.  I certainly do NOT have a green thumb, but I do love a pretty garden.  I’m already making plans and looking forward to having that Georgia red clay under my nails and staining my socks.

What signals Spring for you?  Are you a plant mover like me, or do you prefer to leave things where you first put them?

“One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides.”  ~W.E. Johns, The Passing Show