Jingle Jar Candle

Here’s a quickie craft for you.

There are so many events to go to this time of year and you want to take a little something for the hostess with the mostest, but what???  How ’bout a little jar candle all festooned up for the season.

Start with a store bought jar candle.  I used the larger sized one from Wal Mart.  For the holidays the white candles are scented nice and mild.  The scent is called Winter Wonderland.  I like it because it’s piney without knocking you sideways with aroma.  Aaand it’s only $3.97.  :)

The supplies are readily available.  I printed up the music for Jingle Bells free from the internet on regular computer printer paper.  Then I tea stained it and let it dry.  I used spray adhesive to adhere it to the jar.  Only two more things: jute twine and jingle bells.

1)  remove label from jar with a razor scraper.  No need to remove sticky residue.

2) cut music to fit jar. ( I singed the edge of mine with a flame, but that part is entirely optional).

3) spray adhesive on back of music sheets and stick them to the jar

4) wrap jar with twine and tie it in a bow

5) tie jingle bells to the end of the twine.  (This was the hardest part of the whole project.  I had to put tape on the ends of my twine to get it through the little holes in the bells without unraveling.  Then I cut off the tape and knotted the ends)


Kinda cute, huh?