Backyard Trellis

Sorry for my prolonged absence.  I really am the worst blogger ever…

Between a house full for Thanksgiving, decking the halls, falalalala-ing, and spreading cheer & sugary treats throughout the land I haven’t had a minute to spare.  I really don’t know how some of these ladies do it.  I am in AWE.

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled program – my Pinterest Trellis.  Tadaaaaa!!!


Awhile back I saw this trellis on Amy’s beautiful website, Playing Sublimely.

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I pinned it with hopes that maybe I could have one like it someday.  Well, someday came sooner than expected.  When we were working on our backyard plan I knew I wanted to address a huge blank space/ brick wall between two windows along the back of the house.  The perfect fill in for that blank spot, Amy’s beautiful trellis.  I showed the picture to my sweetie (along with the 40 minute explanation of Pinterest and how I spend my “free” time) and he was all for it.

We managed to bumble our way through and figure it out.  Our trellis needed to be wide, 8+ feet, and tall, just shy of ten feet.  Rather than construct the grid part ourselves we opted for pre-made lattice panels.  We got them at Home Depot.  They were the only place that had them in the square grid like design versus the regular diagonal shape pattern.  Though they were on the expensive side, we thought it was worth it to save time on this part of the project.  Our uprights are 12 ft lengths of 4″x4″s that we channel cut on the table saw.  The grid panels are 4′x8′, and we inset those into the channels of the 4″x4″s.  The cross pieces are 2″x”4″s that are angle cut along the the back side so water won’t sit on them.  The entire structure is made using pressure treated wood and galvanized screws.  The main part (above) was all pre-assembled (and pre-stained) in our garage.  That way we could make sure it was all nice and square and the measurements were all even before we installed it.  The trellis was a bit of beast to move, but with three fellas they managed it okay.  We dug the holes ahead of time so when the trellis was carried into place it could just be plopped down into the pre-dug holes.  The trellis sits about 10″ away from the house.  The holes are 18″ deep.  Once the structure was put into the ground the holes were filled with dry concrete powder and we wet it and stirred it around down inside each hole.  Does that make any sense?  It may have been easier to assemble it in place, but for us this is what worked.  We were really worried that the posts wouldn’t be spaced correctly for the channels to hold the panels securely,etc.

Once it was up and in place another coat of stain went on.  We used the same stain that was put on the fence.  Then the detail pieces went on the top.

In the spring I’d like to plant evergreen Clematis to grow all over this.  I’m hoping for a nice lush green, sweet smelling, wall.  This variety is called Armandii Clematis; and it has dark green elongated leaves and beautiful sweet scented little white flowers.

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I’m trying to decide now if I should get two or three plants.  They’re kind of pricey, so your thoughts?  If I got two plants I would plant them under each panel; but if I got three I would plant them at each post.  I just don’t know.

I am so pleased with how this project turned out.  Many thanks to Amy and her sweet hubby for the inspiration :)

Have you attempted a Pinterest inspired project lately?  How did it turn out?