Landscaping Plan

As I’ve mentioned before, when we moved in here we got a a big green rectangle for a backyard.  Don’t get me wrong, we were definitely thankful for the green part, just not the boring part.

We were also VERY fortunate to have the yard already fenced in and an irrigation system installed.

So, after thinking on it a little bit I came up with a plan.  I say plan kind of wonky, because my plans are ALWAYS subject to change.  I guess it’s more of a working idea board than an actual plan.

Pardon my rudimentary skills.  I’m so old school – graph paper and all.  I even tried to download some free programs to do the plan all fancy on the computer.  But you already know how technologically challenged I am, so you can imagine how great that went.

This drawing is definitely not to scale.  Our backyard is fairly small.  It’s about 100 feet wide and only 30 feet deep.  So in real life it’s not as square as the picture above depicts.

Before we could get started on the plan we had to address a few minor things:  painting the shed doors, staining the fence,  adding a sidewalk from the driveway to the shed, pouring a pad for the grill to sit on & adding an additional door to the end of the screened porch with brick steps to go the grill pad.

We also had some SIGNIFICANT drainage issues that we had to take care of too.

Though we were able to get the concrete poured for the sidewalk and grill pad, the shed doors painted, the additional screen door put in, and the steps made in relatively short order the drainage issue took us quite awhile to take care of.  :(

Though our yard appears flat, it’s not.  We had to wait and watch several rains to see how the grade dropped.  We then had to watch the flow of water and figure out what to do with it to get it on out of here.

Ultimately, we decided that installing French drains would be the only way to go.  That involved LOTS of digging & hauling rocks; things that I am definitely not good at.  My sweetie, on the other hand, is very good at both.  :)

More to come on the French drains in my next post.  I’ll also tell you about picking out the trees and how we laid out the beds as well as my penchant for making lists.  Oooh, scintillating stuff isn’t it? 

Hope you’ll come back to see what happens next.