Boot Kanoodling

Wonder how that title is going to show up on a Google search.  LOL!!

Here is a quickie tip for today.  As you know, my sweetie and I are empty nesters.  Well..until you get to this point in your life what you may not know is that even though your little chickadees leave the nest they tend to leave a LOT of their treasures belongings stuff behind.  “Oh no Mom don’t get rid of that, I still need it”.  Some of the strangest things are the things they want to hold on to.

One of those strange things in our household was old swim gear.  Both kids were summertime swimmers from the time they were tiny.  And baby girl swam year round from second grade on.  Needless to say over the years the stuff kinda piles up: fins in every size, assorted floats and boards, caps and goggles of every hue, towels that I’m sure multiplied in the closet.  You get the picture.  Some of the leftovers from summertime swimming ended up being several of those foam noodles.  What to do with them?  Hmmm…and as Winnie the Pooh would say “think, think, think”.  Boot stuffers, that’s what use them for.  I’m sure there is a more appropriate name for them, but at the moment I can’t think of it.

Those little foam noodles work perfectly for preventing your boots from flopping over and getting creased.

Just cut them to size with a serrated knife, stuff them into your boots,and BAM! – you’re done.

Cheap, simple, and really effective.  What could be better?  Even if you don’t have a garage full of empty nest leftovers you can get the foam noodles for around $1 a piece.  One noodle will “do” about 3 boots (not 3 pair, but 3 singles).

I’ve seen some folks that hang up their boots on special little boot hangers, stuff them with tissue paper, or have those special plastic forms.  How do you store yours?