Jeweled Mannequin

Meet Matilda.

Yes, I know I have a little problem of naming inanimate objects.  (Like Roxanne).  I come by it naturally though – it’s an inherited family trait.  It all started with my Memaw naming her cars, and from there I suppose there has been a trickle down effect.

Anyway…back to Matilda.  I’ve had my eye on getting a mannequin for quite some time to add to my craft/ sewing room.  Originally, I was on the lookout for an old French paper mache’ one like this.

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But alas, one of those was not in my budget and never would be.  They usually run several hundred dollars.  A bit excessive for a folly.

Recently, I was at bargain warehouse type store buying curtains for baby girl’s dorm living room when I noticed the store had a back area of used retail fixtures for sale.  You know that excited feeling when you can just tell you’re going to score – I got it!

I found this mannequin, and the price was right.  It was only $25.  It was clean.  The color was neutral, and the base and neck pieces were dark.  The dark stand and top matched the hardware on the cabinets in my craft room.  And it was tall enough.  Eventually, I’d like to have her behind an overstuffed chair I plan to put in this room.  Yippeee!!!  Sold to the lady that just hit the ATM machine.  It was fate I tell ya’.

I only had one little issue.  Doesn’t she look a little nekked to you?  I thought she did.   So the very first thing I did was make her a skirt out of some muslin scraps I had.

This skirt really is made out of scraps.  You can even see the strips of fabric going lengthwise down the skirt.  But it’s better than standing over in the corner nekked.  “Nobody puts baby in the corner”. :)   I couldn’t resist – sorry.

Eventually, I’d like to have her all decked out with vintage necklaces and brooches.  Completely covered in sparkly girliness.  Won’t that be pretty?

This is how Matilda looks right now.

Her waist pin seemed a little large up at the top, so I moved it down.

her shoulders

Here is a closer photo of some of the brooches.  The little bumble-bee was my Memaw’s.  She got it when she came to visit me one time and we went out for a ‘ladies lunch’ to the Swan Coach House in Atlanta.  They have a little shop attached to the restaurant.  I just love girly places like that.

close up of some of the brooches

Here is her neck draped in pearls.  They are costume of course, but aren’t they fun!

her necklaces

The wide necklace, with the gold detail, belonged to my sweetie’s grandmother, Meme.

I love incorporating heirlooms into my home so I can see them and use them.  What good are they stored up and never used?  None.

I was so happy to stumble upon Matilda when I least expected it.  I keep an “always on the look-out for” mental list of home decor items.  Do you do that?  You know, it’s those things you don’t need or want right away but you keep on the lookout for so when you find them, and the price is right, you can snatch ‘em up.  Some things that are currently on my “if I fine them and the price is right list” include: garden art, an old bike, blue chevron fabric, cloth napkins, an old door with a crystal knob, pretty frame, and vintage table linens.  What’s on your list?