Tea Stained Books

This is a quick and easy craft you can start and finish THIS weekend.  :)   I love that kind!

I’m a book lover.  But I have come across a few duds in my day.  Even after I read a book I don’t like I feel bad for the author, because I know they invested their time and put their heart and soul into it.  Are you like that?

Start with a few books you don’t care for, or find some at a yard sale.  Gather up a big stock pot and some tea bags.

Carefully cut the covers off.  Don’t do like me and use scissors that slip and gouge your granite counter top.

Bring a very large pot of water to a simmer, turn off the heat, and steep the tea bags for about ten minutes.

Dunk your books into the tea bath and soak until they are your desired color.  Remember, they will dry a lighter color.

To dry them, first put them on a rack so the liquid can drain off.  Then set them out in the sun or bake them in a super low oven overnight.

Full disclosure – I tried the set them outside to dry plan first.  We had a spell of rainy weather.  So with the rain and our ever present humidity the largest book mildewed before it dried thoroughly.  If I do this again, I’ll probably just stick with the oven drying method.

Tie your stack of “antiqued” books up with some rustic twine and enjoy!