Once upon a time I was in L.O.V.E with the Police. It was the 80′s and I was sure that Sting was going to see me in row 354, section ZZ, pick me out of the crowd, fall madly in love with me, and whisk me away to join the band.

Anywayyyy…back to 2012 and my real life. When I see things that are red and sassy that song Roxanne always pops into my head. (Haha, now it’ll be stuck in yours too). Enter my new red cabinet.  Her name is Roxanne.

We haven’t really done a whole lot with our upstairs bonus room yet.  My sweetie has great plans to make it into his ultimate man cave.  Right now it is home the kids’ musical instruments, a sofa, and a “vintage” TV.  One day, the dream is for there to be a nice big flat screen and a Brookstone massage chair for Steve.  The decor theme is somewhat rustic up-cycled with a not too charactery like UGA Bulldawg inspiration.  Is that confusing enough for you?

We had the TV sitting on a dresser when we first moved in, but sweet boy had to reclaim his piece of furniture to use in his house at school.  The up-side of that was – it gave me a good excuse to shop for a piece to re-do.  I know eventually there will be flat screen in this room so I knew I didn’t want a piece that was too tall or too deep.

I found the perfect piece in a thrift shop when we were in Atlanta for few days.

The dimensions were right as far as height, width, and depth.  The piece was very well made.  In fact, when going through the drawers I found this:

The storage was perfect for my needs.  The left side, with the drawers, would be used for storing media.

And the right side, with the shelves, would be put to use storing components.

This cabinet had been refinished several times in it’s past lives.  Though it was pretty dinged up I didn’t worry because my plan all along was to paint this baby red.

The price was definitely right for a Thomasville buffet cabinet.  On the day we were at the thrift store they were having a 20% off sale.  So I actually got this piece for around $75.

To start on this project I first thoroughly cleaned the entire cabinet inside and out.  I vacuumed it and wiped it all out with a vinegar & water solution.  I then marked the doors so I would put each one back where it belonged, and removed the doors, the hinges, and the knobs.  The knobs were new-ish and were an oil rubbed bronze finish so I decided to leave them as is.  The hinges were originally a shiny brass, but had been painted over, and varnished several times.  They were a bit of a mess, so I put them to soak in a can of mineral spirits to strip them.

Next up I taped off a line, with FROG tape, so I could stop the paint evenly just inside the doors.  I did not want to paint the inside.

Before painting the cabinet I gave it a light sanding, a vacuum, and a wipe down with a tack cloth.

The painting went very easy.  I did two coats with a foam roller where I could, and I used my handy dandy Purdy brush where the roller wouldn’t go.  I love the color!  It’s a great true red, not too berry, not too orange.  The color is: Cut Ruby, by Valspar from Lowes, in a semi-gloss finish.

I did not prime this piece.  In some places the wood underneath the paint kind of shadows through.  But I like it.  It’s not like you can see the wood grain, but there is some depth to the color, if that makes sense.

Next up I drilled two holes through the back of the right side, where the components will go, with my handy dandy hole saw.  (It’s an attachment that goes on the drill). There is one stationary shelf on the right side of the cabinet.  So I cut two holes: one above the shelf, and one below the shelf to accommodate wiring needs and electrical cords.

The hinges ended up being a bit of a bugger.  Even after soaking them in mineral spirits I had to scrub them down with a wire brush and then go over them with sandpaper too.

Once they were nice and clean I gave them a good coating, front and back, with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint and they turned out great.

Finally, it was time to put it all back together and get “Roxanne” into place.

You can still see the tape where I labeled the doors :)

Here is a little bit better representation of what the color really looks like.

Roxanne before:

Roxanne after:

**I have received no compensation for products mentioned in this post.  I did, however, receive the roll of green FROG tape as a gift in my swag bag at Haven (and I must say it rocks!).  I also received a Purdy brush at Haven, but I’m still using my 13 year old one :)   And although Rustoleum was a sponsor at Haven I received no products or incentives from them.