No, I haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth…

My goodness things have been SO busy here for the last several weeks!  I’m really sorry for my absence, especially after I promised you I would be more attentive after attending Haven.  Sometimes real life just gets in the way.

We first went on a visit to see our son down in Florida, where he was participating in a Campus Outreach summer beach project.

After that it was off to Indianapolis for the family wedding extravaganza.  :)

Beautiful centerpieces for the bridal luncheon.

Following Indianapolis I barely had time to unpack my bags & do laundry then I was off to drive half-way across the country with my cousin to San Antonio.

In addition, between our travels, we hosted three sets of house guests AND had to get these little cherubs ready and moved back to their respective schools.

AND…while all that was going on, in any “spare” time we’ve had, we’ve really been trying to make some progress on our back yard landscaping project.

Putting in French drains in the back yard.

Installation day for pretty good sized trees.

So I promise I haven’t forgotten about keeping you informed.  I’ve just been too busy living it to post about it.

My sweetie and I are taking a much needed respite together this week, then it’s back to our regularly scheduled program.  :)   Pinky swear…