Front Trellises

You may remember when I showed you pictures of the house (under construction) that I had this large blank wall next to my front walkway.

I thought it would be nice to have that wall softened and covered with lovely vines and sweet smelling flowers.

In comes my good old friend Confederate Jasmine.  It’s a beautiful vine with dark green glossy leaves and the most sweet smelling little star shaped white flowers.  I think the wonderful scent is rivaled only by gardenias.

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At our last house, up in North Georgia, we had GREAT success with this plant.  I had one plant growing on an obelisk shaped trellis outside my backdoor.  It grew so lush and full we referred to as Cousin It.  Bahahaha!

Cousin It from the Addams Family Image via Google/

I spied these trellises at Lowes awhile back and really liked them.  I thought the arched top tied in with my arched top front doors.  I don’t see them online anymore, but maybe you can find them in your local store.

I decided to go with three trellises based on two things: the size of the wall and I wanted to tie in the 3 openings on the opposing wall (2 windows and the front door).  I’m all about symmetry and balance. :p

I knew the trellises weren’t going to be tall enough for my liking.  It was there that I had to do a little bit of MacGyvering.  That’s a real word isn’t it?  What to do, what to do?  I needed something to extend the height that would be weather resistant, unobtrusive, easy for ME to do, and work for what I wanted it to do.  In the end I decided it should be some kind of pipe.  Eventually, I chose metal electrical conduit pipe.  Electrical conduit pipe is cheap, easy to cut, and it’s also durable.  I bought some, cut it to size, then raided my box of spray paint.

Rather than buy a new can of ORB paint, I used a base of black then sprayed on a light dusting of brown.  It’s what I had on hand and it worked.

Next up, the installation.  I did some math (which I hate) centered the middle trellis and put the other two equidistant on either side.  It was a super easy install…just evenly hammered in the conduit pipes about 12″ into the ground, then set the trellises down into the pipes.  By using the conduit I was able to make the trellises about 2 feet taller.  They’re still not quite as tall as I would have liked but they’re much better than when they were flush with the ground.

This is how it looks today.  (Pay no attention to the attractive green extension cord…landscape lighting is on the list of things to do).

The Jasmine is really starting to take off.  :)

I’m hoping in another year or two that entire wall will be filled in with those sweet smelling little white flowers.

We’re currently in the throes of landscaping our backyard.  Any suggestions for easy care plants that do well in a HOT climate?  I’m most interested in perennials.

**No housewives were harmed in the installation of this project and in the essence of full disclosure I did have help hammering in the conduit pipes from my sweet husband.  :)