Noodle Wreath

You may have noticed the wreaths in my Patriotic Porch post last week.  Believe it or not I made them out of those little styrofoam swim noodles from the dollar store.

Fourth of July noodle wreaths

patriotic burlap wreath

My thought process was to have a seasonably interchangeable wreath that was not too expensive to change out.  I also needed something that wasn’t too heavy against the glass of the front doors.

The process was so easy I didn’t even take pictures along the way.  Sorry :( , but I think you’ll be able to figure it out.  I just got two noodles from the Dollar Tree.  First I tried to glue the ends together with hot glue.  Duhhh – DON’T DO THAT!  Obviously the noodles will melt.  Next I just duct taped the ends together.  That worked much better. :)   Once they were shaped I just wrapped the wreaths with burlap I already had.  The burlap was cut into strips about 5 inches wide.  When I came to the end of a burlap strip I glued the end down (on the back side of the wreath) then started a new strip where the end left off.

non specific Summer time wreath

The wreaths are hung with clear fishing line I have looped around the top then secured with a flat thumbtack onto the horizontal top surface of each door.

They do tend to get a little droopy in the super hot afternoon sun, but other that that they are holding up really well.

My first attempt at these was for St. Patrick’s Day.  They turned out a little too small but I liked the concept so I gave it another go ’round.

St. Patrick's Day wreath

St. Patty's wreaths

Luckily, the noodles were the only part that got wasted.  I was able to re-use the burlap.  All of the decorations are just attached with straight pins so they are really easy to change out.

I’ve done shamrocks, fabric flowers, and stars & stripes; any suggestions for what should come next?