Sedum Wall Art

What to do when you have a nekked wall?  Well, you greenify it – of course.

I have this blank/ nekked wall next to my back door.  It was just screaming for some love.  I thought some greenery would be just the thing.  Sedum/ succulents are extremely hearty plants with thick juicy looking leaves that store water.  They are practically indestructible.  (More on that in a moment).

From the old house I had this green wire rack.  It used to hold keys and sunglasses by the door leading out into our garage.  Work with what you have on hand first, I say.

It is hung with a Tapcon screw, made especially for use in concrete/ masonry.  If you’re ever out looking for them they’re easy to find because they’re blue.  They are really the only way to go if you’re working with concrete/ masonry.

To line the wire shelves I used some little metal buckets that I got from the Target dollar aisle several years ago.  Make sure your pots have drainage.

Next up, the plants.  I got the little plants from Lowe’s, but they are available at Home Depot too.  They were $2.68 each.  I chose 6 different ones so I would have some variety in both color and texture.

Remember when I mentioned earlier that these plants were practically indestructible…Well, they are if you don’t factor in this little monster.

You may see in the photo of the succulents that a few look a bit disheveled.  Well, I found four of them out of their pots on a walk-about in the backyard.  Apparently, Miss Molly took it upon herself to protect me from the EVIL flora.  She had given them quite a run for their money.  It was sedum Helter Skelter out there man.  None the less, they survived to grow another day.

Here is the project all finished.

I’m really pleased both with how the project turned out and how it filled up that nekked wall.  All together it was less than $20 too.  :)

Have you done any unexpected Sedum plantings?  I’d love to hear about them.

**I have received no compensation for professional items mentioned in this post.  Just wanted to share what I’ve learned.