Haven Follow-up

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Hey Y’all. Just a quick Howdy-do to let you know what a great time I had at the Haven Conference.

Haven Maven

Oh my goodness!  I was SO very nervous, but as it turned out I needn’t have been.  I even roped my dear friend Barb in to go with me because I was too scared to go by myself.  Yes, I know I AM 46 years old; but I really am very shy.  EVERYONE was really nice.  I mean really nice.  All of my bloggy heroes even put up with my creepy stalker-ness.

Right off the bat we saw the beautiful and oh so talented Kate (Centsational Girl) in the elevator.  I said to her in my suave style “Oh my gosh, you’re Kate”.  Smooth, huh?  Luckily we were trapped in an elevator and she had no where to escape.  She handled my gawky star-struckness with graceful aplomb.

Next up, at check-in, were the blog superstars from Young House Love, John, Sherry, and Clara.  Can I just say adorable?  They did the opening for the conference and they are just as funny in person as you’d imagine them to be.

After I warmed up to the whole conference thing, I started to get braver with approaching my idols and actually got some photos – bad photos, but still I have photographic evidence of the whole thing.

Rashon (Mr. Goodwill Hunting) lead an amazing session on thrifting.  He is both charming and hilarious.

Oh so blurry picture of me with Mr. Goodwill Hunting.

Next up I got to snap a picture with the Haven Maven herself, Rhoda (Southern Hospitality).  Rhoda is classically elegant.  While it took many ladies to put this event together, Miss Rhoda played the part of home town hostess perfectly.  Funny story…my friend Barb (the one I dragged along with me because I was too scared to go by myself) actually went to high school with Rhoda.  So they kind of got to reconnect.  Small world, huh?

Two of my most favorite bloggers are Ashley from the Handmade Home and the Nester.  I think I probably creeped them out…just a little with my gushing.  Both of these girls have an amazing eye when it comes to decorating.  Ashley has some especially mad skillz when it comes to creating artwork; and the Nester’s journal posts from her recent trip to Africa will have your heart in tears.  Back to the point at hand, I got a picture.  :)   (Upon closer examination of the photo, Ashley does look a little scared of me.  Sorry…)

Ashley, me, and the Nester

Let me just say how well planned out every little detail of this conference was.  The venue was nice and conveniently located.  The food was yummy and plentiful.  The sessions were informative and well thought out.  I really liked that there were sessions for both the hobby blogger, like me, and the professional blogger too.  There were even about 80 non-bloggers there, just fans.  It was great!  The sponsors really came through as well.  I’ve never had such wonderful swag.  It was like going through your stocking on Christmas morning.  I can’t wait to try out all of my new goodies.  What fun!

I’m still trying to process everything I learned there.  It was more than a bit overwhelming, but one of the conference planners broke it down succinctly.  Traci, from Beneath My Heart, said to just try to take away ONE thing so that’s what I plan to do.  I’m committing to posting more frequently.

As for my prior hope of improving my photography skills…One of the sessions I took was about photography (taught by the precious Kevin & Layla) – from that I learned that at this point I don’t even know enough to try to improve.  What I do know is that there will definitely be a hands on photography class in my future.

On day two I got to meet two more of my all time favorite bloggers.

Between Naps on the Porch was one of the first blogs I read regularly.  I have had a little bit of email correspondence with Susan in the past.  She is just as kind and gracious in person as she seems on her blog.

Susan & me

Finally, I made a point of seeking out this person.  I think that Susie from (Susie Harris Blog) is just adorable.  She is such a talented painter and decorator.  I think I made an imaginary internet friend connection with her because our children are about the same age.  She was so sweet.  After this picture we even attended the same session and got to know each other a little better.

Me and Susie Harris

There were SO many very talented, new, friendly faces I got to meet.  One thing everyone does while at a blog conference is exchange business cards.  I am really looking forward to sorting through all of the cards and checking out some of these accomplished ladies’ websites.

Now that I’ve been to one blog conference there’s no stopping me now.  :)


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