Headed to Haven

In just a few hours I’ll be heading to my very first blog conference.  I’m so nervous…are my imaginary internet friends going to be as nice as I thought they’d be?  Will they think I’m a totally creepy stalker?  Will I stick out like a sore thumb?  Last night I even said out loud to myself  “My clothes are stupid, and I’m old.”  Neurotic self esteem issues much?  These ladies have REAL blogs.  Unlike me, they do actual posts – daily.  I’m in awe!

Haven Conference 2012

I’m hoping to learn some new things and get re-energized to do more blogging.  Maybe they’ll be able to teach me some ways to make it a little easier?  For me, the doing stuff is simple the blogging about it is the hard part.  I am SO not a tech savvy person.  (You haven’t picked up on that have you?  hahaha).

Since I’m no longer in Atlanta and live about 2 hours away I’ll be staying in the hotel with the girls. I’m looking forward to meeting some new folks, learning new things, and embracing this adventure. If nothing else I’m getting a trip to Ikea out of it. What could be bad about that?

Wish me luck, and if you see me at Haven please say hey. I’ll be the one with the sweaty palms hiding behind the potted plant.