Spice Cabinet – My OCD Standard

Okay, so we all know I’m a little, a lot, over the top OCD when it comes to organization.   Anyone that color codes their closet should be first in line at the organizers anonymous meeting – that’s me.  When my sweetie asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year my answer was easy, new spice jars.  No jewels, or exotic trips for me – it’s the little things that make me SO happy.  In our new kitchen my old spice storage just didn’t fit right and I was really “over” the plastic too.

The jars were ordered online from Sunburst Bottle.  I’m really happy with the size, and I especially like their squared off edges.

This is what the spice cabinet looked like before:

It’s chaos, I know!

I loved these Tupperware storage wedges for years, but I guess I just grew tired of them.  They worked well in my old kitchen where the cabinet was tall and skinny.  I kept the wedges on a lazy Susan that spun around.  Over time though, the plastic really absorbed the spice smells and I just didn’t like how they looked.

These never really got organized when we moved in. :(

I think the glass jars just have a cleaner look to them.

I started the re-do by taking everything out of the cabinet.  The spices that were really old, more than two or three years, got thrown away.  After counting all of the containers we made our order for the new jars.  I ended up ordering 36 new jars.

While waiting for the new jars to arrive I went ahead and made up labels with my handy dandy P-touch label maker.  Mine is a fairly old model that I’ve had for years (but I love it).  I decided to use the white labels.  The clear ones were a little difficult to read in the dark cabinet.

I was practically giddy at this point.  It’s a sickness, I know…

Once the jars arrived I gave them a good cleaning in hot soapy water, then filled them up.  The kitchen funnel I had came in very handy for this job.  Once they were filled I alphabetized them, of course.  I know you expected nothing less :p

The only thing left to do was to load ‘em up into the cabinet.  My sweetie made some little stair-step type shelves out of 2 ” x 2″s so they would be not only easy to see, but easy to get to.

Can you stand it?  Happy birthday to me!

The hot mess before:

The happily ever after:

The top part still needs a little work, but I swear I hear a choir of angels sing every time I open this cabinet.

So now you know my dark (organization freak) secret, what’s your latest clutter conquest?