I call time out!

image from: 2bpresent.com

Good grief, what a hectic few months it’s been.  I am calling an official “time out” on all family, friend, & acquaintance health crises, dramas, and even hiccups.

Now that everyone is on the mend I’m so glad to be back home and getting settled into my own crazy little routine again. The pace around here has really picked up though with two more bodies in the house.  We’ve gotten the kiddos moved out of their respective dorms and the walls are busting at the seams with all of their treasures.  Sweet boy moves into his new place for the next school year on Friday.  Then on Saturday he leaves for an eight week mission trip.  Baby girl starts summer classes next week.  So things are humming right along here.

Enough pictures already...Mom :)

Since we spent a few months in limbo, just going from one life situation to the next the home projects got moved to the back burner.  We’re now getting back into the swing of things and I’m looking forward to showing you everything we’re doing.

Sometimes the real stuff takes precedence over the fluff.  I’m so grateful for the many answered prayers – everyone that had been ailing is now on the mend.  Thanks for sticking with me.